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Clean Lines With A Modernistic Appeal

Clean Lines With A Modernistic Appeal

If you appreciate contemporary styled interiors with clean lines and stylish highlights, this well-appointed one-room flat will delight you. Though it’s always been believed that contemporary interiors are algid and minimalist, it’s not always the case. Today’s modern interiors are enhanced with comforts and inviting attractiveness minus the clutter and malaise. This type of 21st century contemporary interior is beautifully illustrated in this all-in-one apartment designed by Michael Temnikov

Essentially simplistic and sophisticated with clean lines, accents add texture and depth balancing out the décor with great affect. The most pronounced and distinctive element are the bare walls and floor enhanced by exquisite cascading leaves. In fact, there are a variety of natural elements in this home’s interior like the painted brick walls and natural wood floor, that give it an earthy ambiance. The architectural details make use of muted shades, high ceiling, curtain-less windows, and intriguing art and sculptures further emphasizing the flat’s modernistic appeal. Smooth clean lines are part of this interior’s distinctiveness.

The au natural space and unfilled paths between pieces of furniture is just as vital as the spaces filled with objects. In modern interiors, less is more. Every piece has its own allure and individualistic charm. Geometric shapes are another distinguishing feature of contemporary spaces. Accent pillows and idiosyncratic designed accent chairs create the perfect contrast without detouring from the overall theme of the décor.

The sleek and fresh feel comes to life with various art pieces displayed throughout the living area. Note that the displayed pieces are small in size but make an arresting impact. They flawlessly enhance the calm and peaceful ambiance.

Another popular feature in this home is the home office space. It’s the newest phenomena in many homes today. No longer is it required to have an entire room dedicated to a home office. With technological advances, many people are starting to work from home becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own niche in the world. This trend will continue to increase.

The sleeping area is cozy and well positioned. Subtle sconce lighting adds tepid illumination, while long drapes establish privacy. Storage drawers wonderfully hidden beneath the bed are practical and helps to keep the space uncluttered. This type of contemporary interior is about showcasing space more than things, and it’s rather impressive! The unfinished portion of the flat is presumably where the bathroom and kitchen will be installed. The graphic layout appears to indicate this.

Minimalism, especially in small spaces, makes a lot of sense and has its benefits. It permits architectural components to emerge while bypassing additional fluff establishing an atmosphere that’s easy to maintain and great to live in!

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