Classic Contemporary Home With Character

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There is nothing like being able to live in a house that you’ve always wanted. At London-based Frank & Faber interior design studio, smart design, creativity, and great attention to detail all come together. It then completes that cycle of collaboration and passion for design for which customers and designers both share.

This London-based interior design studio takes on both residential and commercial projects. They design experiences, not just living spaces. Their approach is both personalized and holistic as details are well taken cared of too. Frank and Faber invests time and effort in understanding their customer’s needs.

Popular for being able to make comfortable spaces combined with a personal touch, they delight their clients with surprises as well. Light and space are taken into account, as beauty is paired with functionality. This results in a final design that is unique and practical. The studio makes sure that your interior should reflect you, or your brand, whichever applies.

Classic Contemporary English living room interior design
Classic Contemporary Home interior design
Classic Contemporary fireplace
Classic Contemporary Home library interior design
Classic Contemporary Home interior design 4
Classic Contemporary Home interior design 6
Classic Contemporary Home interior design 7
Classic Contemporary kitchen design
Classic Contemporary dining room interior design
Classic Contemporary wardrobe design
Classic Contemporary English bathroom interior design

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