Celebrate The Kissing Day Everyday With Deliciously Kissable Wall Murals

kissable wall mural

Today is International Kissing Day! A kiss carries love and friendship and National Kissing Day wants to see everyone gets at least one kiss in their day. A kiss makes the heart young again… And wipes out the years. Think which was your first kiss… My sweetest kisses are from my children. 

In PIXERS they’ve found the way to celebrate it all year long (or even longer!). Their deliciously kissable wall murals, canvas and posters will add romantic and sexy atmosphere to any room. You’ll find both images of puckered up lips and couples in a loving embrace. They’re perfect to spice up the love nests and to add a dash of affection into the forever-loners’ apartments.

Have Happy Kiss Day!

kissable wall mural 2


kissable wall mural 3


kissable wall mural 4


kissable wall mural 5


kissable wall mural 6


kissable wall mural 7



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