DIY Your Dream Headboard

DIY your dream headboard 8

If you need to add some color and beauty to your bedroom, you should consider creating a beautiful headboard. A headboard is not difficult to make. So you can take this up as a do-it-yourself project. Here is a simple outline of the steps required to create an attractive headboard...

DIY Pots With Paper Plates

DIY plots With Paper Plates

One of the things I love is making decorative items myself. The joy of creation is very important for me and for my children , which most often participate with incredible enthusiasm and creativity. It's so much fun to watch kids being creative. You can't imagine how many things you can make...

DIY Mirror Coffee Table

diy mirror coffee table

For the project you’ll need plywood or MDF cut into pieces of the size of the future coffee table (4 sides, the tabletop and the bottom surface), several wooden planks to support a mirror on the top of the table, silver paint, mirrored panels, wood glue and of course a... Protection Status