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Brilliant Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Brilliant Kitchen Makeover

Blogger Alison Allen by Deuce Cities Henhouse, recently transformed the pokey, outdated kitchen, that came with her 100 year old Minneapolis home, into a bright, modern kitchen. If you’re interested in discovering how Alison managed to update her kitchen on a budget, simply continue reading.

Alison’s kitchen originally was a mish mash of styles. As soon as guests stepped into her kitchen they’d be bombarded by Aqua walls and worn wooden cabinetry, that hadn’t been replaced in decades. Worse yet, there was little counter space, for Alison to prepare her daily meals.

To give her kitchen a new lease on life, Alison gave her kitchen a neutral color scheme by painting the walls. Alison chose a fresh white hue for the majority of the walls and as well as a dark charcoal shade, which she used around her kitchen cabinets. Alison also gave her kitchen cabinets a fresh lick of white paint and painted the handles a dark black to match the charcoal feature wall. Continuing with her slick black and white theme Alison also installed white tiles into her kitchen. 

However, whilst Alison opted for a fresh black and white color scheme she also incorporated pops of color into her design. Alison brought a variety of turquoise items, in order to inject subtle color into her kitchen. As an example if you stepped into Alison’s kitchen you’ll find a vintage turquoise radio, a vintage style turquoise mixer, an assortment of turquoise vases and a vintage turquoise overhead light fixture.

Alison also ensured that her kitchen didn’t look homey and comfortable by playing up her kitchen’s natural wood flooring and purchasing a few plants that make her kitchen look vibrant and inviting. Alison also added extra wooden pieces such as wooden seats and a large wooden chopping board, whilst Alison has cleverly hung on display as a focus point of her kitchen.

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Alison also channeled her creative nature into her kitchen renovation by painting her old oil heater black and by hanging up fun interactive blackboards, which she can write inspirational sayings on. If you’re thinking about taking a leaf out of Alison’s book and renovating your tired, old kitchen, you may want to consider hanging up your own blackboards, which you can write grocery lists on. As blackboards are relatively inexpensive.

Lastly, Alison was able to make her small kitchen a little more practical by taking out some of her old shelves and putting a new cabinet and shelves in its place. As an example, one of Alison’s original shelving units only offered two shelves, whereas the shelving unit she put in its place boasts two shelves as well as a large cabinet and an extra, counter top.

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    Wow! We love the transformation from simply changing the colors of the kitchen cabinets, walls, etc. The addition of plants and wood does indeed make the kitchen more inviting.

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