21 Bohemian Kitchen Design Ideas

Bohemian Kitchen Design Idea

The Bohemian décor originated from Central-eastern Europe and was commonly used by the nomads and the artistic people. It is an amalgamation of styles and blends with most cultures. One the ups of the boo design that you can utilize what you already have, what you have collected throughout your life. Old art, vintage pieces, fabrics, patterns…fill your space and do not focus on whether it matches with the rest of your stuff. The boo kitchen interior gives a warm and relaxed feel and just could be the heart of your home. This design is not only about eclectic in your kitchen but mainly the “how” it is applied to your kitchen.

Below are a few boho kitchen design ideas that will get you started on your boho endeavor.
Chic look Usage of a light color scheme together with dark, unusual wood kitchen table will give your kitchen a serene chic look.

Bold boho look Color! Do not be afraid to mix up the colors and patterns for a juicy and casual chic look. You can paint the walls with either a bright color or a mixture of colors.

This gives the kitchen an artistic feel. Paint the walls with bold colors and set up a gallery wall. Add a vintage pantry cabinet to complete the whimsical look.
Lively boho interior You will not go wrong by using the Mediterranean look from the blue and red floor tiles. Use floating shelves to complete the look.
Modern appearance
Give your kitchen a stylish boho touch by using colorful ceiling pendants which will serve as focal points in the kitchen appearance. Paint the walls white or cream to ensure that the pendants are the focus of attention.
Rustic boho kitchen interior To get this look, you will need arched wall designs and ethnic rugs. The colorful rug area compliments a beige and white color scheme in the kitchen.
Go vintage This look incorporates open display shelves and focuses mainly on wood. Add a plant or two to give the kitchen a
warm and charming look.
Try some of the above boho design inspirations and be sure to let your kitchen go Boho! You will not regret it.

Image: Howard Fine Properties

bohemian kitchen design idea 2

bohemian kitchen design idea 3


bohemian kitchen design idea 4

Image: The Jungalow

bohemian kitchen design idea 5

Image: Style by Emily Henderson

bohemian kitchen design idea 6

Image: Alvhem

bohemian kitchen design idea 7

Image: turbulences-deco

bohemian kitchen design idea 8

Image: nicholnaranjo

bohemian kitchen design idea 9

Image: Image: The Jungalow

bohemian kitchen design idea 10

Image: The New Bohemians

bohemian kitchen design idea 11

bohemian kitchen design idea 12

bohemian kitchen design idea 13

bohemian kitchen design idea 14

Image: Christopher Smith

bohemian kitchen design idea 15

bohemian kitchen design idea 16

Images: Aurora Nova

bohemian kitchen design idea 17

Image: Rikki Snyder ©2016 Houzz

bohemian kitchen design idea 18

Image: bradburysattic

bohemian kitchen design idea 19

bohemian kitchen design idea 20

bohemian kitchen design idea 21

Images:  Zoco Home

Try some of the above boho design inspirations and be sure to let your kitchen go Boho! You will not regret it.

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  1. I like all of these. But there is one element I would remove and that is rugs on the floors. Loose rugs are dangerous and even if they are stuck down due to a special backing, spills on them would really annoy me. I keep my kitchen floor clean and free from rugs. Then, a spill is wiped away in seconds

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