The 11 Best Modern Boho Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas

Jungle themed bedrooms are all the rage, especially when it comes to kids’ rooms. But how to get in on this trend as an adult? Learn how to style a jungle themed bedroom that will add an atmosphere of freedom and adventure into your everyday life!

Boho Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas

Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas with Tropical Jungle Wallpaper with Jaguar Animal

Tropical Green Leaves Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas with jungle themed headboard
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Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas with boho black and white wallpaper
Image: Garnica Miguelena

Tropical Jungle Wallpaper with Jaguar Animal

Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

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Firstly, the bedroom color scheme is at the center of your design. Find a way to integrate the lush greens of tropical vegetation into your room. Darker or matte shades of green are excellent for your bedroom wall, since they also contribute to a relaxed feeling and a good sleep. You can then use the colors of furniture or pillows to add either a more subdued vibe by using dark black or blues, or to mirror the colors of jungle flowers by chosing red, pink, or orange.


Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas with Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas 2

When it comes to bed sheets, there is a great variety of floral or other plant patterns for you to choose from. When you want to be more subtle, you can simply go for a single color, for example a shade of green that harmonizes with the rest of the room. You might also want to put a mosquito net up above your bed. This contributes to the overall jungle theme and makes your bed an extra cozy space.

Bedroom Decor


To perfect your room, you can select some jungle-inspired decoration, but less is more – you don’t want to get lost in countless tendrils of ivy hanging from every wall! Rather, use garlands of artificial ivy or other plants to accentuate other elements of the room like bookshelves or art prints on the wall.

Bedroom Lighting

Cozy light sources like strings of fairy lights also add to the atmosphere of a room, and especially in a bedroom, having several sources of warm, subdued light is often more comfortable than a bright ceiling lamp.

Indoor Plants


Indoor plants like monstera add an exotic feel to your room and caring for them is a relaxing daily ritual. If pets or small children have access to your room, take care to put your potted plants. High up where they cannot be reached!

Animal Prints

Tropical Jungle Wallpaper with Jaguar Animal

For a more safari themed style you can utilize animal prints, for example for your bedding, carpets, or curtains. Whether you prefer tiger stripes, the spots of a leopard, or the monochrome of a zebra, it might be best to stick with one design and don’t overload your room. When it comes to wild patterns, a few selected objects have a great effect.


As you can see, creating a modern boho jungle themed bedroom doesn’t require tons of money or a massive amount of DIY time. With the right fixtures and styling techniques, any room can be transformed into an interior oasis that radiates peacefulness and creativity. Just remember to have fun with it and make it your own! Mix colors, textures, plants, and art that resonates with you and your personal style. The best design is one that’s unique to you! Who knows – your new boho jungle look may even inspire friends and family to develop their own modern interiors.

In the end, it is most important to go with what feels right. Your bedroom is a part of your house where you spend time to relax and regenerate.

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