11 Best Christmas Trees We’ve Seen On Instagram

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 11

When it comes to Christmas, some people pull out all the stops. This year, Instagram users are snapping photos of their stunning trees and putting them up on Instagram for us all to see. With a range of themes, these trees reflect what’s happening now in interior design and show us how to put our best decorating foot forward. When it comes to the holidays, it’s the perfect chance to show off a little of your favorite style. Check out these eleven trees! They’re the best of the best when it comes to the Instagram Christmas tree round up. Take in their beauty and be inspired!

11 Best Christmas Trees We’ve Seen On Instagram

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram

Kelley Nan‘s Christmas Tree

Kelley shared this gorgeous photo of her classic Christmas tree done up in full white and gold. With twinkling gold lights and white satin ornaments with touches of gray (and a whimsical white topper), this Christmas tree takes classic white and gold pairings to a sleek modern level thanks to subtle gray accents.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 2

2. the grace house ‘s Christmas Tree

the grace house brings classic Christmas style to her tree in a big way. With assorted over-sized Christmas ornaments and touches of red and gold with classic snowflakes– with a sheer cream ribbon artfully wrapped around it– this tree is a fresh take on a rustic, classic Christmas theme that will makes us feel right at home.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 3

3. Erin/Sunny Side Up‘s Christmas Tree

Erin infused a fresh burst of peppermint into her Christmas tree this year! This cute little tree boasts slate, red, and silver ornaments with fun spindly white accents and adds larger peppermint candy ornaments and candy canes. Paired with pearl garlands and a Santa hat on top, this peppermint tree looked good enough to eat.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 4

4. Renae Mahar‘s Christmas Tree

Renae makes me envious with this gorgeous tree decked out in white and gold! If I had to pick a theme for this tree, it would be ‘opulent abundance’. This tree is covered with so many colors and baubles that you can barely see the branches– a true style transformation that takes this tree from mere blank canvas to fabulous, head-to-toe holiday diva glory. Accent your tree with turquoise and purple ball ornaments to get a masterpiece that looks just like this one!

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 5

5. Nadia‘s Christmas Tree

Nadia shows us how opulence and simplicity on the same tree can work together to magnificent effect. She rocks the gold and silver ball ornaments on the branches – all different sizes make for just enough contrast to create perfect harmony. Top that off with a divine gold ribbon threaded through the branches and topped with gold(and completed with an adorable golden fawn at the bottom), this tree easily makes the top 11 list.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 6

6. Jen Robison‘s Christmas Tree

Jen channels traditional Christmas spirit in a gorgeous display of red, plaid, and gold that St. Nicholas himself would approve of. Robust red and gold ornaments, pine cone ornaments, and plaid ribbon make this tree positively cheery! Add some twinkling lights, and this is a Christmas tree just as festive and cheery as a Poinsettia plant.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 7

7.  jadorekaris‘s Christmas Tree

jadorekaris has managed to pull off the impossible: make a Christmas tree look sleek, futuristic, and well… cool. Create a stunning look just like this one with different sized teal and silver ball ornaments with sparkly silver snowflakes filling in! With a fabulous peacock-inspired on top, this tree takes traditional and throws it out the window. Bravo!

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 8

8. Maria Killam‘s Christmas Tree

Maria features this beautiful tree decked out in pink, gold, and green! A classic gold star and ball ornaments anchor the tree in traditional elements, while the unorthodox colors of the ornaments put a refreshing twist on traditional decorations. Classic meets a new twist with this simple but adorable tree.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 9

9.  pier1‘s Christmas Tree

Beautiful gold-and-white-adorned tree. With white frosted branch accents and opulent snowflake and ball ornaments and wrapped around with a fuzzy white garland, this tree is chic and yet warm at the same time thanks to gold accents cutting through the coldness of the white.

Best Christmas Trees We've Seen On Instagram 10

10. Susana‘s Christmas Tree

This tree is pretty in pink and shows how a main pop of color can really bring aesthetic loveliness and personality too. Not only does this tree have soft pink accents in the ball ornaments, it displays them in live pink poinsettia blooms for untouchable natural beauty. Top that off with gold accents and pearl garlands, and you’ve got a tree that is feminine, fun, and totally stylish. Well done!

small Upside Down elegant Christmas Tree tree

11. Helen‘s Christmas Tree

Lastly, I have a gorgeous small upside down Christmas tree that reinterprets the traditional tree. @el_mal4 has a Christmas tree with all the foliage on the top half, making it look like a lollipop! This is the perfect solution for those who do not have enough space for the Christmas tree. The trunk is wrapped with fuzzy tinsel and little strands of lights that continue up and are laced into the tree! Elegantly shaped crystal ornaments dangle down for an elegant yet relaxed holiday mood. The beauty of this tree is in its simplicity and also its deviation from a tree with all its boughs and needles. The unexpected shape paired with beautiful lights and ornaments show here that less is more!

Those are my top Christmas trees from Instagram! From unorthodox colors to simple color combinations that flatter each other to themes, each tree uniquely captured the holiday spirit. Many decorators even matched their trees to their interior design! Extra points to you ladies. Lastly, a big thank you to all who shared their beautiful Christmas trees with us on Instagram- I were blown away. I hope you enjoyed this list, and happy holidays to you and your family!

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  1. Oh Melina what a wonderful posting!!! Your photos & descriptions have given your followers, me included, such fantastic inspiration! It is such a joy to view decoholic and all the beautiful ideas you post! Merry Christmas to you and Bravo on this beautiful Christmas Tree posting! Sharing!!! CJ

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