Best Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

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Your bathroom is often one place where you don’t always have the luxury of extra storage space or built-in spaces for amenities. Here are some tips that will help you customize your bathroom with some refreshing storage organization pointers.

Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

Over-The-Toilet Storage free standing shelves

Over-The-Toilet bathroom storage

Industrial Pipe Shelving Bathroom Pipe Shelves with Towel Bar

• Adjustable shelves

Every home improvement center or online office supplier is selling adjustable shelving rails that allow you to add shelving to any part of your bathroom. The advantage of adjustable rails is being able to set the height between each shelf for all of your bathroom products and supplies. These are also optional for adding more space for decorative items to give your bathroom more of a personal touch.

Image: Industrial Pipe Shelving Bathroom Pipe Shelves with Towel Bar


• Shoe storage bins

If you’ve ever seen those shoe storage bins that are very slim and stand up nearly anywhere you put them, you can place these in your bathroom just as easily. These are perfectly sized for storing toilet paper, shampoo, or cleaning supplies that are bathroom storage ideas that aren’t often a focal point of even being seen. The handles on these can easily be swapped out for more decorative bar handles that can be attached to add more elegant décor.

If you have the room, two of these are excellent for lining the edges of walls and don’t take up much space in return. The best part is that each show storage bin has a decorative top edge that’s great for becoming an instant shelf.

Image: H!


• Above cabinet shelving

Just like in your kitchen, hanging cabinets are usually a great place for placing highly decorative items. When it comes to bathroom organization tips, running a single shelf along the edge of a wall at least 2-feet from the ceiling is a great space-saving idea. Adding decorative metal trim along the edge of the shelf will act as a beautiful retaining wall. You can also add antique-looking shelf brackets that further give your hanging shelves more class.

Over The Door Organizer Hanging Storage Shelf with 2 Baskets & 5 Hooks

• Space-saving wall racks

Some items you don’t need to see so often but if you have a small bathroom, you can always buy an over-the-door hanging shelf unit. The same applies to your shower where hanging storage bins can attach to nearly any part of your shower set up as you like. Don’t forget that spring-loaded tension curtain rods aren’t just for holding up shower curtains, since these can be placed between two walls to create instant support for light-duty hanging shelf units.

Image: Over The Door Hook Rack with 5 Hooks 2 Baskets Steel

bathroom Built -In wall shelving

• Built -In wall shelving

This is a little bit more DIY than you might expect but for older homes, it’s a great storage secret. The spaces in make excellent recessed storage for all types of bathroom supplies. There are many DIY videos on Youtube that detail the entire process of how to do this. Without actually needing to do an entire remodel, recessed shelving in your bathroom is a modern approach to provide more bathroom storage ideas than you could ever need.

Image: mydomaine


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