Behr Ranks the Top Color Palettes: What’s Hot in 2020?

With 2020 just around the corner, you might be considering new 2020 color palettes for your home’s interior and exterior. Behr is one of the leading names in the paint industry, so you can obviously rely upon them. Their color schemes are amazing! For homeowners who want to choose 2020 paint colors that are fresh, hip, and will really stand out in a unique way, consider a few of these options as you’re getting ready to repaint your home.

Behr has included 15 colors, in three different “trend” color palettes, which are fresh and in for 2020. These are the different trend groups to consider, based upon your home, decor, style. And also how grounded, spiritual, or earthy you want your home to appear. With the right paint colors and some decorating ideas, your home decor will be an amazing one, for sure!

Trends Atmospheric Color Palettes

This collection focuses on pastels and neutral colors. It’s modern, trendy, and the sophisticated home you want to present to your guests. This palette is meant to bring together a modern and traditional environment in one. The colors in this group are

  • Creamy mushroom
  • Dusty lilac
  • Painter’s white
  • Graphic charcoal
  • Battleship grey

Dark, yet warm, and inviting. Modern with a hint of sophistication. Your home will come together elegantly with different colors and design elements throughout each room you repaint.

Trends Restore Palette

Blues and greens are a primary focus in this color group. It’s meant to elicit a sense of calming and serenity in the home. Although designed for hospitality and healthcare industries, it’s also perfect for the home that wants to exhibit a nautical theme. The colors in this collection are

  • Back to nature
  • Secret meadow
  • Dragonfly
  • Bluebird
  • Light drizzle

Counter balancing the light and dark shades of blue and green, can help bring together tranquility and calm to any room. They also pair off perfectly with white accent walls, to help bring out the rich, elegant tones, and distinct architecture in your home.

Trends Worldhood Palette

This palette trend includes richer and darker hues and shades of color. If you want to create the modern and warm space, this is your color block. Behr designed this color block specifically for the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotels, clubs, and other areas where guests want to feel warm, invited, and welcome.

For homeowners who want to bring this colorscape into their home, the five colors in this collection are

  • Cider spice
  • Bubble shell
  • Charismatic
  • Rumba Orange
  • Red pepper

The colors are warm, come together well, and have a “fall-like” hint to them. Whether you prefer warmer and earthy colors, or simply want to make your guests feel at home and welcome in your home, this is the palette collection to consider.

The 2020 paint colors can really give your home a fresh pop for the new year. Bringing together eclectic decorative pieces, art, and your own personal furnishings and touches, will really give your home that distinguishing characteristic you’re going for. Whether you’re modern and fresh, cool and collected, or one with the earth, these are three of the 2020 paint colors and collections Behr is rolling out for the upcoming year. Find your inspiration and bring it together in your home.

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