11 Awesome Camping Decorations

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 It’s summer and everyone is looking forward to having some fun time outdoors. One of these activities involves camping. These are activities filled with fun and lots of adventure. While in school most people engaged in them for excitement. This need not change just because we are all grown up. This could be an unforgettable time with family members and friends. To make it more exciting, we will look at inspiring camping decorations.

When out camping, one can not only decorate the camping tents but also the tables and environment they are in. Being out there in the wild need not mean that one should not have the same feeling they get back there at home. Most camping sites are not powered by electricity. Use of lanterns could add an element of beauty and lighting. There are several designs and types of lanterns in the market and one could pick one that fits their taste.
Camping decorations themes are nature inspired. This means that the colors dominating the décor range from browns, to greens, reds, gray, blue among others. These colors can be adopted when selecting the fabrics to use when decorating the tents or selecting the table clothes, beddings and even seat covers.

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Also my favorite style for camping decorations is bohemian chic. Use colorful and vibrant color schemes, lots of mixed patterns and mix modern vintage pieces. The hippy look gives you the freedom to be creative and experiment with texture, pattern and colours. That’s the best bit about this look, you can’t go wrong.
Other inspired decorations that can be incorporated in camping sites are artifacts. The best being those that revolve around wildlife, hunting and even fishing motifs. Wood has the element of creating a pleasant outdoor effect. You could incorporate wooden chairs instead of plastics to make it much more exciting. The rugged yet cozy feeling this kind of furniture provides is very essential in making the camping experience complete. There is pressure in thinking of cleaning it very often as one enjoys its comfort.
Camping decorations should also reflect the purpose of the camp. More especially for camps for kids and teens. These could be incorporating activities such as acting, surfing, cooking, archeology, circus, spying, gardening, astronomy, fashion or even a rock and roll camp. Each of these camps will have different underlying ideas. Decorating ideas become very crucial at this point.
Being in the wild does not mean that you cannot include flowers, rugs and florals. One could incorporate a bit of home décor to extend the feeling of home out there in the wild. The end result of the camp should be fun, excitement and adventure. The participants should be very comfortable and the resultant is an unforgettable experience.

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Table decorated by fruit and vegetable cartons.

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Decorating with DIY Wicker Basket Lamps. Bright idea!

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Great for organizing shower.

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An old wardrobe is the ideal solution for storage.

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Rugs and kilims are the master elements of Bohemian style decor.

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Α small parasol in blue hues decorate the outdoor shower. Use a larger to offer you shade.

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Colorful plastic crates as stools.

Images: marie claire idees

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Wooden swing to hang from tree with flowers.

Image: renee spring photography

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