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Unique Reading – Table Lamp

Unique Reading – Table Lamp

Silver crown BULB (for the Little Man Reading Light).The BLACK AND BLUM bedside reading light has recently won awards. It features polished zinc-plated arms and legs and 40 watt silver crown reflector bulbs which make up the body. This little reading -table lamp is so cute! Don't you think? You...

Cork Chair

Cork Chair 2

Interesting chair made with the cork centers of aluminum baseball bats by Quartertwenty on Etsy. Our limited edition cork furniture is made from up-cycled cork discs from the interior of aluminum baseball bats. This captured cork waste from a local Portland sporting goods manufacturer is threaded onto aluminum rods and...

15 Inspired by Nature Bathrooms with Plants

Bathroom with Plants 13

If you have a spacious bathroom with a lot of natural light then you can decorate it with natural plants. Bathrooms inspired by nature, looks simple, comfortable and fresh. The rear of the bathroom in the Blesso Loft designed by Joel Sanders Architects is clad with modular plant panels. You...

20 Awesome Spring Living Rooms

Awesome Spring Living Room 20

Welcome Spring! With the arrival of Spring comes the arrival of new looks for the season. Bright or pastel colors, easy projects, a few floral details, simple pictures and fresh flowers and lots of light give a new look for spring. Take a look of my 20 best fresh, spring...