Classic Italian Furniture Collection

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This collection of classic italian furniture, reflects homedecor‘s concept of contemporary way of living: a discreete luxurious lifestyle. All products share some basic concepts: high quality, great design, extreme focus on details and fine materials, the employment of traditional finishes.
The elegance of this timeless collection is suitable for every kind of living space, giving your home a unique touch of Italian style.

We supply a wide range of high quality furniture and home accessories made in Italy, carefully selected from Italian finest resources.
For those who appreciate fine craftmanship, quality materials and authentic design, our collection of fine furniture is the ultimate choice.
Exclusively created using a combination of traditional skills and modern tecniques our collection is set out as a wide diversified choice and includes furnishing accessories for the whole house: bookcases, complements, beds, sofas, lighting, rugs..
We also design, produce and supply high quality custom furniture, unique as the client for whom it is designed for.

Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, our design studio is a full service interior design firm focusing on luxury residential and commercial interiors.
Every project is a true collaboration with the client’s tastes, needs and budget. We play a significant role in executing our vision and translating the clients’ lifestyle into uniquely personalized spaces.
We create distincted and welcoming homes that reflect our clients’ personalities.
Our goal is giving our clients interiors they have never dreamed of.

Stefano Minelli e Jose Marini

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    Michael Muranski

    All of these classic Italian furniture designs are simply beautiful. They are quite different from the modern Italian furniture, so they would fit better with a Victorian décor rather than a modern one that we mostly see these days.

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