Dining Room Ideas From Well Designed Restaurants

country traditional dining room idea

Get decorating ideas from well designed restaurants to makeover your dining room. These dining room designs can help you transform an ordinary room into a country, modern, traditional,contemporary, industrial, scandinavian, eclectic or feminine dining area.

dining room with fake windowa with shelves

 Country Dining Room. Lacrimi si Sfinti restaurant in Bucharest, Romania, designed by Cristian Corvin.

Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints) is a restaurant serving modern romanian cuisine. It had to be traditional and contemporary with a bit of wit. It has all the stereotypes of the romanian traditional restaurants including folkloric artifacts, except they are built in LEGO pieces, from carpets hanging on the wall to the trophy animal heads. Most of the furniture is old authentic romanian gathered in various regions of Romania, from Oltenia to Transylvania.

Look at these fake windows with shelves! They are beautiful and practical.

industrial dining room with colorful chairs

Industrial dining room. Wanderlust is a left-field and totally experimental boutique hotel set to draw madcap voyagers and curious travellers to its doorstep. Located in Little India – a bustling cultural enclave where Indian immigrants once settled, and the building was originally an old school built it 1920s.It’s lobby area with industrial glam has been designed by Asylum. A juxtaposition of the surrounding’s setting and contemporary design.

contemporary feminine dining room with red sofa

Feminine dining room. Praq restaurant in Amersfoort, Netherlands, designed by Tjep.

We tried to create a restaurant that is inspiring and fun for children, while being comfortable and enjoyable for their parents. This in an integrated rather than separated manner, which is more usually the case.

scandinacian industrial living room idea

Scandinavian dining room. Norm Architects was responsible for the interior design of Höst as well as designing the tableware New Norm that is made especially for this restaurant.

Via Stylizimo

elegant traditional dining room decorated with large mirrors

Traditional dining room. La maison 1888, the dining room decor is traditional with a twist, as evidenced by the Louis XVI–style chairs with backs and armrests that have been updated with a fanciful scroll motif. A high-contrast black-and-white palette grounds the space and sets off leafy green tropical plants.

Via AD

Modern dining room with benches

 Modern dining room. Architect Denis Kosutic created a modern restaurant that looks almost more like a page out of Alice in Wonderland. Accents of bold red and gold pop against a mainly white palette, custom-printed wallpaper subtly displays the restaurant’s branding (ODC), and whimsical inverted lampshades bring a floral element to the space. Plus, the booths, a modern take on the Queen Anne style sofa, are an utter delight.

Via Elle Decor

gra contemporary sophisticated dining room

Contemporary dining room. Contemporary sophisticated interior design for Parisian café Artcurial designed by Charles Zana.  Zana‘s injected some astounding design features such as the darkened wood, fabrics and leather panels offset with some striking collector’s pieces and bold shelving by Pierre Bonnefille. An incredible glass roof floods the space with natural daylight by day which by night, is enhanced by Azucena’s lightening, created in 1967 by Luigi Caccia Dominioni adding a different and equally incredible atmosphere.

Via Yatzer

eclectic french-british dining room idea

Eclectic Dining Room. On left bank of Paris, decorator Laura Gonzalez signed the interior design of “Le Schmuck”, a restaurant, bar & club with british accents.

Revisiting the 18th century with gaiety, the Schmuck mixes the influences in a delightfully quaint baroque sofas, lamps, mirrors and tables are associated with colors, fabrics and eclectic prints, creating a patchwork as warm as exotic.

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