Aspyn’s Home Overhaul to Perfection


Aspyn's Home Overhaul to Perfection 21

Once basic and empty, Aspyn’s home thanks to VINTAGE REVEVALS‘ makeover is now a reflection of her young and fresh style with a bit of Bohemian. It’s nothing formal nor traditional, rather a clean and lively place sprung from an inspiring makeover. See the most recent transformation in her dining room!

From the mid-century table to wire chairs to the rug underneath- everything that makes up this new look actually came from Home Depot and their sister company Home Decorators Collection. The upgraded table can now comfortably sit 6 to dine on the wooden table, where a DIY sheepskin is set atop a larger, amazingly beautiful rug. Plant life makes for the best centerpiece, placed on the glass bottles and vases on a vintage platter.

Aspyn's Home before

Aspyn's Home Overhaul to Perfection 16


At the island, stackable aluminum stools are matched with contemporary lamps made of the same material. The juxtaposition of the furniture, cabinets and counter tops is just perfect. Plain white walls and cabinetry were brought to life with the kitchen backsplash tiled and the remarkable detailed metallic custom wallpaper appeal of the DIY Sharpie wall. An artful landscape print breaks the pattern and finishes the dining room look in a simple yet astounding way.

Hanging greens on the wall and shelves add color and create a breathable atmosphere. Plants are the same accents found in Aspyn’s oversized pegboard wall, tall and wide, and a pleasant sight! Wait ’til you see her living room. Imagine yourself sitting on a pink couch with lots of throws to cuddle, surrounded in the cozy texture and charming alternating style of DIY Scandinavian shiplap.

Would you believe that the wooden dowel chair is also a personal project? It’s been entwined with rope, some portion of a worn leather couch, and draped with Boho. The large windows are sure to make any day brighter as natural light touches and spreads joy to your home.

Take the full home tour on VINTAGE REVEVALS.

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