Amazing Large Kitchen Remodel Inspired by the South of France

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It is known that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so the house will certainly have a warm homely atmosphere if you have a nice kitchen where it is pleasant to spend time. To achieve this, you can remodel your existing kitchen.


The most important step in remodeling a kitchen is planning, which will help to determine the cost and time of the work. It is always a good idea to include a planning phase so that you can go through this experience in a peaceful and organized way. The design depends on your wishes and the space you plan to remodel.


Example of remodeling

Here we will talk about the renovation of a kitchen designed by reDesign studio, that was inspired by the south of France. The old impractical and cluttered kitchen has been remodeled into a spacious one, by expanding into a dining room and merging all into one open and clear space, attractive to stay inside.

In addition to the kitchen, there is a pantry, mudroom, and laundry, which have also been renovated to be maximally functional and in line with the kitchen.

The kitchen is dominated by white color, with brown and white floor tiles. The kitchen island is covered with marble, while the table chairs and most of the other furniture is made of wood. The kitchen with the dining area has large windows that cover almost the entire surface of the wall, which gives a lot of natural light and a beautiful view.

The pantry continues directly from the kitchen, and the interior design is similar. The laundry room is slightly different – it has darker tiles with a rough texture. Walls and elements repeat the kitchen design, so white is the main color.

If you think your kitchen is not as practical and beautiful as it could be, it is never late to start planning to remodel.

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