The Most Stylish Bali Airbnb Villa

Since it is summertime, it is a perfect opportunity to talk about a living space that looks like and is a sunny retreat. A great example of such a place is Bali Airbnb villa from the The Young Villas in tropical Canggu.

Bali Airbnb best offers villas that will amaze you from the first second. Their entire space is contemporarily designed and organized. The white color and wood are dominant throughout the place – three bedrooms, three baths, and a pool area.

Since the beautiful nature is surrounding the villas, there are huge windows in every room, that provide plenty of natural light. Guests can enjoy garden views from almost every part of the house.

The kitchen is a combination of modern and classic styles through wood and white walls. The living room is mostly white, with a sitting area placed below the ground level witch gives unique depth to the entire place. On the other hand, one of the bedrooms has a bed placed above the ground level. Large glass sliding doors are connecting the kitchen with the pool/garden area.

The shower is placed outside in the garden area, so the experience is almost like you take a shower in a waterfall. The pool area/garden has a pool surrounded with plants and a high fence that gives enough privacy at all times. Besides the swimming area, there is a cozy lounge corner from where one can enjoy throughout the day.


Most of the details, inside and outside of the villa, are made of wood or other natural material – from decoration to tables and chairs.

Bali Airbnb Luxe Villa is designed to be in perfect relation with nature. Minimalistic yet interesting interior design with open space and huge windows will provide peace of mind for everyone in need of relaxation.

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