The Airy and Welcoming in NYC

The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior

Fashion experts always value artistry. That is why they design elegant clothes out of imagination and creativity. Some even extend their artistry and love for creativity to their homes. A good example of such is Erin Fetherston. Fetherston and the husband, Gabe Saporta, transformed a 1932 house into a home of their dreams.

The Theme and Style of the House

First off, Erin was expecting a baby, which pushed her to redesign the house into a place that is comfortable for herself, the husband, and the baby as well. Erin is a fashion specialist, while the husband is a musician. The two artists love an entertaining style, which blends in perfectly with the aesthetic aspects that Erin threw in. The entire house is airy enough, with a sparkling white color that is painted on the walls and the ceiling.

Antique Meets Contemporary

Erin creativity helped her design a house that features antique and contemporary elements that blend perfectly. She also included the rustic California farmhouse style to meet her desire. The floor is refinished in a smooth driftwood gray. Also, there is a sisal rug that has a unique pattern, which lies under a vintage Oushak.

The style is perfectly balanced with quality white sofas, along with club chairs to give an appealing look.

A Touch of Unique Décor

Another thing that gives this house a special look is the decorative objects placed all around. Even though the decorative objects have been distributed all over the house, related objects are grouped at specific points. For instance, there is a glass table with gold chrome stands, which is placed next to the window. Also, some crystals have been placed on the table to give it a glittery look. The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 2 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 3 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 4 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 5 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 6 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 7 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 8 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 9 The Airy and Welcoming in NYC interior 10

Embracing Nature

This is a house that is airy and spacious enough. It isn’t the white-painted walls that give it the extra bright look. Rather, the house also has plenty of windows that allow natural light to flow in. It means that the house doesn’t have too many light fixtures. Green plants have also been used all around the house to give it an outdoor feeling.

Erin and Gabe managed to refurbish this lovely house in less than four months. One thing about the house is that it features a blend of style that meets the preference of Erin and the husband too. She has a collection of special objects, such as a large dried barn wood that has the design of a tortoiseshell.

The entire house features white and gray colors/elements that maintain the airiness and an overly welcoming feel.

Images: One Kings Lane

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