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How To Add a Warm-Weather Feel to Your Living Room

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On most nights and when the weather turns crisp, brisk, bleak, or frosty on some days, people would rather snuggle in bed than bundle up and step out into the cold. In fact, even if the sun is shining and the weather’s pretty good in your place, you’d surely agree that there’s nothing like keeping yourself cozy right in the comforts of your own home. Home sweet home depicts a warm and inviting image, and it doesn’t have to belong to any season.

Sometimes, all it takes is cleverness in producing a warm-weather feel which you can enjoy throughout the year. Play with color, lighting, texture, home decor and accessories, where you can go as far as your imagination takes you and as comfortable as you want to be. Here are some hot living room ideas that can dramatically transform your space and put you in a better mood by giving you much-needed warmth.

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How To Add a Warm-Weather Feel to Your Living Room


Shades and tones do not only pertain to walls and the paint you choose, but fabrics, furniture, and decorative accents must blend well. Yellow, orange, red and beige are regarded as warm hues that create a similar atmosphere, while blue and grey base colors tend to make a room appear colder.

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Combine natural and artificial lighting for unparalleled coziness. Let the sun’s soft rays pass through windows with blinds or draped in curtains with a style, color and texture of your choice. Make use of candles and scented ones if you wish, a beautiful and functional lamp, or have a fireplace or indoor firepit installed.

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What better way is there to add warmth than filling your living room with life? Bestow a touch of nature to your place with lovely vibrant flowers and healthy plants in simple pots or ornate vases which yields a breathable environment for you and your family, friends and guests.

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As an element of nature, wood is infused with an earthy ambiance and elicits warmth with its classic elegance, charm, and rustic feel. Incorporate wooden furniture, walls, ceilings and beams, and other forms of this material in various areas of the room. Add a nice coffee table and curl up anytime on your favorite chair, and keep warm while you savor its aroma then take a sip as you read a good book.

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Do not limit yourself to wood, but rough stone, intricate carvings and brick designs produce an astounding effect that makes you instantly feel warmer. Experiment with different textures that soothes your touch and are pleasing to your eyes. Imagine a velvet sofa in deep red, a big chair in genuine leather, an upholstered seating, then cover in a fleece blanket or sheepskin. Get creative and mix fabric, lace, frills, tassels, hard and plush, plains and prints, and anything you can think of!

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Soften your armchair and couch with an abundance of throw pillows. Lay a brightly colored or patterned rug for added comfort. Bring warmth into your living room by means of almost every item and accessory which may possess a warm color, has a comfortable feel, or simply makes you contemplate and lets you embrace happiness and contentment.

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