A Minimalist Retreat For Disconnection From The World Of City

Two Sheds in Lorne by Dream, is a retreat for disconnection from the world of city, noise and work and the beginning of a 30 year project to rejuvenate the landscape.

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A loose court is present on the hill side of the house, created by the retaining wall, main house and carport/future bungalow. This space has been left open to change as the family’s needs grow in the future.

Picture 002
Picture 002
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Picture 005
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The bathroom spaces have low ceilings in the vanity areas that release into full height shower spaces, lit by skylights. They are experientially different to the rest of the house highlighted by soft light and cementitious render.

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The social/living shed to the west is an open space occupied by a dark central box housing the kitchen, laundry, WC and living joinery. This box creates two volumes at either end of the shed forming the kitchen/meals areas and living/lounge. These are distinct spaces but still connected. A concrete wall in the living space necessary for bracing became an opportunity for a long shelf/seat and spot for a wood heater.

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