8 Easy and Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decorations

romantic thanksgiving table decorations with pine cones branch white pumpkin and angel 2

Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. has its roots in cultural and religious traditions, as well as being celebrated secularly. It is also a day to gather around the table with family and friends to give thanks for delicious Thanksgiving Day foods like dressing, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and bread pudding! However, the feast would not be complete without beautiful Thanksgiving Day table decorations.


With the right Thanksgiving Day table decorations, the holiday becomes even more heartening and convivial. I’ve come up with eight lovely Thanksgiving Day table decorations that are easy DIY projects. In addition, they will add that extra ambiance of warmth and generosity as family and friends get together to enjoy a wonderful feast.

8 EASY IMPRESSIVE THANKSGIVING TABLE DECORATIONSthanksgiving table decorations with pine cones branch white pumpkin and angel

1. Decorating with pine branches is easy. Place two branches on each end of your table and place candles in between them. You can also place branches the entire length of your table.

country rustic diy napkin ring tassel by pine needles

2. Pine needle tassels .If you love the smell of pine, this great Thanksgiving Day table decoration idea will be right up your alley. These super easy rustic tasseled napkin rings are a cinch to make.  The only things you need to create these DIY napkin rings are pine needles, twine string and scissors.  Follow these four easy steps to create a basic tassel Follow these easy steps to create tassels Thanksgiving table or whatever you want. Pine needle tassels are also great as Christmas tree decorating.

hoew to make a pine needle tassel

diy centerpiece by fresh fruits

3.  A beautiful centerpiece made from fresh fall fruits creates a stunning effect. I made a centerpiece with fruit that was in my fridge by using apples and pears, and simply added pine needles to create more volume.

thanksgiving dtable decoration with wheat and glasses with twine

4. One of my Thanksgiving Day table decorations involves decorating with wheat. I placed wheat in a tall glass shaped like a vase. Then, I cut the wheat at a lower height and placed them in five different glasses. You can decorate the glasses with a natural hued twine string or any color that matches the rest of your holiday table décor. Knot the twine and cut the string to finish the knot. For an eye-catching look, place glasses along the full length of the table. You can tie them together with ribbon or wire.

thanksgiving table decorations with copper leaves

5. I love the beauty of autumn leaves. What I did for Thanksgiving was paint leaves in a metallic copper color and then I created a napkin ring by placing the leaf on a napkin and tying a twine string around it.

thanksgiving table decoration with mirror

6. Try this unique décor idea. Instead of placing a runner on your table, use a mirror. The effect is quite stylish and elegant without taking away from the sentiment of the Thanksgiving holiday.

thanksgiving table decoration with leaves and fairy lights

7. If you love autumn leaves as much as I do, you’ll have no problem putting together this Thanksgiving table decorating idea. Take a vase and fill it with real or imitation autumn leaves and fairy lights. I used a transparent jar and the effect is radiant and impressive.

thanksgiving table decoration with candles decorated with cinamon leavws and dry orange

8. Candles are one of the most versatile decorative objects you can use during any holiday. I decorated cream candles with an autumn leaf, cinnamon sticks, a dried orange, and string.


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