36 Stylish Primitive Home Decorating Ideas

primitive home decorating 29 ideas

Primitive decor goes a long way in making your guest’s feel welcome or putting them at ease. Successful primitive decorating can be as simple as changing your way of thinking. Learn to create displays by using old, vintage items in new ways. You can scour garage sales, flea markets, junk stores, to find something to turn into primitive home decorating ideas. Or you may find something in your grandmother’s attic for some diy primitive house decor. Whatever the case, you can check out these stylish primitive home decorating ideas we have enlisted for you below.

Details of primitive house decor

Any primitive decor room is different than the others. Once you enter a room or house in a style like this, it is highly unlikely that you won’t notice the unique vibes that dominate. The aesthetics are special and for sure, not for everyone. But it is a great option for those old souls who love the old times and whatever they iclude. There are many simple things of primitive origin you can use in your home decor to achieve this special style. Shall we see them? Let’s dive right in!

primitive home decorating 30 ideas

Galvanized items

The first element we are going to mention are galvanized items as decorating ideas. They offer rustic touches to the room they are in. Here there is an illuminating example to showcase what we actually mean. An old galvanized bucket turned into a sink in a laundry room. Have you ever thought of using this item as a sink? It’s quite easy to use. And also, the simplicity of it makes it genuinely beautiful!

Via House by JSD

primitive home decorating 31 ideas

Old metal funnels

In the past many people used metal funnels to tranfer water or other liquid materials from one container to the other. Thsi really mad their lives easier back then. Who wouldhave thought that could be used, in this day and age, as a deor item. Turned upside down with a candle stuck in the spout, they make quite striking and beautiful candle holders! Why not search your grandma’s home already? You will most likely find at least one piece.

Via the natural wedding company

primitive house decor with bulbs

Mason jar pendants

We’re pretty sure that your grandma likes bringing some jars of jam everytime she pays a visit. Have you ever thought, though, about using these as a deorative item? You can actually make some great pendant lights with these! Although the in-between process might be slightly time-consuming and might require some technician interference, the result will amaze you!

Mason Jar Pendants by ZoeVee Designs.

primitive home decorating 33 ideas

You don’t want to overdo it and take it much further? You can simply put the jars around wire and hang them outdoors. Add some candles inside each of them and voila! A DIY lighting source for your home decor.

primitive home decorating 34 ideas

Linen curtains

Another primitive decor element is the material of linen. This fabric type really adds to the rustic atmosphere you might want to create. It seems like an old-fashioned fabric but is still very permanent and widely approved. Especially if you want to create this primitive vibe, it’s something you hould think about.  Above you can see some Rustic cafe curtains in linen with the text ‘Bretel’, printed with organic paint.

primitive house decor with vases

Old windows for decor

Take an old window and turn it into something cute and useful! Now this is what we are talking about when we say diy primitive decor. See how easily you can change the whole window just by adding some special details. Like photos, a small chalkboard for daily reminders and vases with flowers! In this case you can also take advantage of the vases and add some candles inside each of them, to make it look even cuter!

Via donkey and the carrot

primitive home decorating 36 ideas

Old looking surfaces

Old looking surfaces like metal chairs and rustic wooden tables are also a go-to when it comes to primitive decor. It is important here to notice the color of the wood. A modern, well crafted and processed wood isn’t the ideal choice in this case. The point is to make the space look rustic and primitive, so remember that! To add some modern touches you can play it up with the rest of the furniture, like a modern refrigerator, kitchen cabinets or the sink.

By Dominique Decoratrice

primitive home decorating 2 ideas

Old trunks

Trunks are a key element of primitiveness. And they also serve as two things at the same time. First, you can use them as a storage space. And second, you might as well use them as sitting benches. That’s right! Place some charming and cute pillows above it, and there you have it.

Above you can actually see an old wooden trunk turned into a charming bench.

Via Jeanne d’ Arc Living

primitive home decorating ideas

Old dressers

Have you got any old dressers in the attic which you think are useless? Well think again. These can really add primitive touches whether placed outdoors or indoors. And if the paint has faded or it’s uneven, that’s even better! Here this old dresser has been turned into a planter by Sue of sue loves junk. It’s absolutely amazing!

primitive home decorating 3 ideas


What about decorating the place with your favourite photos? Well, in this case it goes without saying that you won’t use your digital photo frames. Instead, look out for some old frames you might have. And then use some strings to create space for placing some of your photos there.

Pro-tip: Make sure that your photos are in black and white! If you want to get real with this, you have to do it right and complete.

Picture vignette by funky junk interiors

primitive home decorating 4 ideas

Alternative use of shutters

Wall covered with old shutters. It’s unique, it’s controversial but it’s still something you can choose. Find the completed project on Olive and Love.

primitive home decorating 5 ideas

Old faucet with crystal drop.

Via each little world

Some DIY primitive decor ideas

You can really do some things all by yourself for amazing designs. For example, some everyday objects – especially old ones – are perfect for DIY primitive decor. Below you can check more of these inspiring ideas for the best result possible.

vintage milk can for diy primitive decor

A vintage milk can that has some rust on it. You can completely transform it by placing some flowers in it.

Idea Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures

primitive house decor with bathtub

Old tub turned into planter. If you don’t have any old dresser then this is a go-to as well.

Via Vintage rose brocante

dity primitive decor idea with scales

Οld scales as kichen decor. This diy primitive decor hack is one of the most used ones. Everyone has an old scales at their home. It’s literally nothing more than placing it on a kitchen counter. And maybe adding some colorful plates on it. See how beautiful and harmonical the result is in the above example?

Via huset ved fjorden

primitive home decorating 9 ideas

Apothecary Cabinet Furniture

primitive home decorating 10 ideas

Salvaged barrel crate for a sidetable.

Via primitive decor ideas

primitive home decorating 11 ideas

primitive home decorating 23 ideas

Sewing machine base, used as a table.

Via Fiona and Twig

wood chair with old pictures on it

Idea Mamie Jane’s 

primitive home decorating 12 ideas

Awesome primitive decorating style.

primitive home decorating 14 ideas

Carolyn Thompson’s home.

primitive home dcoraing 15 ideas

Via passion for primitives

primitive home decorating 16 ideas

primitive home decorating 17 ideas open wood shelves

Photograph by Brian Vanden Brink

primitive home decorating 18 ideas

Via carnine antiques

wood materials

buffet bar

Idea Morning T

pumpkins in pots

These galvanized items together create the ulitimate primitive decor, indeed. The more, the merrier.

Via the seed box antiques

brown kitchen cabinets

Source BHG

dining table

exposed wood on the walls

grey colored furniture

fireplace with furniture around

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