31 Best Fitted Wardrobes

big grey fitted wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes are frequently considered outdated. In some people’s minds the image of an old closet, dusty, and full of spider webs comes to mind. But in reality, this is not the case. Today’s fitted wardrobes come with modern, sophisticated options and huge benefits as well. The biggest benefit is the additional space they create. Since they are normally floor to ceiling, extra storage is available while not taking away from the room’s décor.

Why choose a built-in wardrobe

Fitting a sliding door wardrobe into an alcove in a space is a fantastic way to utilize a frequently wasted area in a home. A sliding door wardrobe means that space is saved because there’s no need to open the doors outwards; thereby, saving space. The choices are many! Built in wardrobes are a way for space conscious homeowners to change the appearance of a particular room by simply making the storage area part of the room’s décor. Elegance, functionality, and storage are the primary benefits of fitted wardrobes. They are idea for storing a multitude of times like clothing and accessories, house wares, TVs, computers, and more.

In most instances, the size of the room is not an issue. A homeowner has the option of adding additional shelves and cupboards. In fact, even rooms in awkward shapes can benefit from built in wardrobes. For example, a corner wardrobe or sliding wardrobe is the perfect answer for a small room when there’s not enough space for a walk-in wardrobe. In addition, you can order custom-built fitted wardrobes in a variety of sizes for specific purposes to fit a home office, a garage, bathroom, or bedroom.


When deciding upon a custom fitted wardrobe, you free up the area in a room and allow clutter to vanish into a beautifully organized piece of furniture. The customized wardrobe can turn your idea of an incredible dining room, living room, bedroom, home office, finished basement, or any other room into a reality. The size is not an issue, professional wardrobe builders can come up with a design that will fit perfectly with your personal style and taste, and within your budget!

A broad range of finishes grants you the opportunity to match your wardrobe doors to the décor of your room. Keep in mind, that whatever you select, you will have to live with for a considerable amount of time. For example, sliding door wardrobes are not as easy or cheap to replace like standing wardrobes. Alternatively, if you decide to install a fancy fitted wardrobe with mirrors, LED lights, and a baroque finish in multiple hues, you will have to look at day in and day out. It’s fine if that’s your taste, but choose wisely. In most instances, the comparative cost and intricacies of installation is the biggest factor. However, the final look will eventually justify the cost and the time to get things done.


-Full Carcass Built-In Wardrobes

A base, top, two-sides, and a back panel identify this type of wardrobe. When the doors are open, a completely lined wardrobe interior is visible. Some of the advantages include quick and easy installment, a sealed cabinet interior, and easy to dismantle. However, this fitted design is not the best option for sloping ceilings.

-Frame Construction Built-In Wardrobe

Frame constructed fitted wardrobes include a floor, but no backing panel or side. Moreover, it can be built from floor to ceiling at various distances from the back wall. Advantages include ease of access to storage and great design for under-sloping ceilings. Disadvantages include no backing panels, installation takes a couple of days, difficult for DIY.

-Sliding Door Built-In Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes with sliders are usually created as a basic frame without a backing panel. The inside is then made as carcass furniture and placed behind the sliding doors. Advantages include practicality for restricted spaces, slightly cheaper than other fitted wardrobes, simple design. Shortcomings include hard to fit correctly, and consistent cleaning is required due to mirror finger marks.


When choosing your built-in wardrobe, make certain to select the best quality materials. In addition, choose the most up-to-date production methods to guarantee that your new wardrobe is precisely to your specifications. Only the best materials will stand the test of time. Typical wardrobe materials include plywood, melamine sided boards, glass, varnished wood, and medium density fiberboard.

If you plan to install a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom, wood is the coziest material. Glass sliding doors are more chic and contemporary. Full-length mirrors and a chest of drawers are part of the majority of built-in wardrobe designs. Make certain to ask the fitters prior to signing up for construction about all the optional extras available to you.

Image: Atelier Ahern built these hot pink long wooden pulls for plain MDF wardrobes to make them look custom without spending a lot of money.

beige bedroom

Fitted bedroom by HOMEBASE
white fitted wardrobe

Fitted bedroom by FITHOME

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 4 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 5

Linda McDougald Design

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 6 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 7 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 8 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 9

les ateliers du  sud

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 10

Beatiful wardrobe by Carre

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 11 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 12

Closet by old woods by Norvegian, Vlakbij de molen.

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 13

DISC Interiors

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 14 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 15 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 16 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 17 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 18 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 19 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 20 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 21 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 211

Ganna Studio

Handles on the closet in master bedroom are shape with round, rectangle. One of the largest rounds is designed as a button. Those handles are not only the room’s visual points, also the clothes stands for the users.

Inside the closet have cosmetic mirror and dressing table. The hostess can conveniently use the space while the doors of closet are opened. This design gives consideration.

31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 223 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 222 31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 22

Contemporary and elegant fitted wardrobe by Olivier Lempereur.

dark grey built in wardrobe

Wonderful idea designed by parisian Ciel Architects.

brown wood built in closet

A wardrobe can double as a study. Photograph: Johanna Parkin

Image: the guardian
white built in wardrobe built in wardrobe with many openings an open built in wardrobe white and brown built in wardrobe

Brilliant wardrobe by Filip Janssens31 Best Fitted Wardrobes 29 built in closet

wardrobe by Olivier Lempereur

closet with mirror

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these custom built-in wardrobe ideas and photos. I really love the modern look of a lot of these wardrobes– the tall floor-to-ceiling closets look spectacular! In fact, it would be awesome if I could have something like the full carcass wardrobe. That way, I could have all of my clothes in just one location!

  2. I appreciate the list of fitted wardrobes. The idea of having a built-in wardrobe in my room is appealing to me. I’ll find a contractor that specializes in building these.

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