30 Indoor Swing Chair Ideas

While swings have traditionally been closely tied to being outdoors that no longer has to be the case. With more and more swing chair models being designed to be easily placed anywhere we’ve seen a change, gone are the days of needing a lengthy installation and now indoor swing chairs are becoming a real presence inside our houses.

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indoor swing chair
  • At first it might sound silly to some of you, but there’s real design and health benefits when you add a swing chair to your life, and we’ll take a look at some of these today.
  • First things first, we need the right models. There’s no shortage of unique swings now, ranging from the egg chair swing indoor model to fully hanging chairs with a roof fixture. Personally we’d recommend an indoor swing chair with stand as your default pick. By having a stand you can treat it more like a normal piece of furniture, moving it as needed on your day to day life. On top of that there’s no required installation and you can relocate it freely as the whim comes. It’s still a hanging swing chair indoor model, but it’s self-reliant and doesn’t need further tools or installation.

The benefits of an indoor swing chair

  • As for the benefits let’s start with health ones because they are far more impressive than you might believe. A swing chair has been proved to be incredibly helpful in relaxation. The calm but steady movements help our body get rid of stress, and in these modern times that’s a huge perk all on it’s own. Just picture being able to swing at your pace after a long day at work, sounds amazing doesn’t it? But on top of that there’s one physical benefit of these chairs that is often neglected, and that’s their impact on your back. On a swing chair your back can rest with no pressure and align itself. So they are great to deal with chronic pain and even to avoid it.
  • However even just for the sake of design the perks of an indoor swing chair can not be understated. Swing chairs completely change the environment they are placed in, giving the whole area a sense of dynamism and movement. Swing chairs are great because they add a moving element to your design and also add that “outdoor” feel which can be further complemented with plants or a natural source of light. A single swing chair can completely transform a space. And your visits will just love it, believe us. The novelty of an indoor swing chair doesn’t wear out fast, and both adults and kids will flock to it.
indoor swing chair 2

Swing with the Plants by Marcel Wanders. The seat of the swing can be filled with soil and seeds planted inside. As the vines grow up the ropes, it becomes a poetic resting place for either your garden or your living room.


The best part however is that it allows you to use and design your spaces in a different way. We are all too used to the idea of indoor and outdoor spaces being completely separate. And a good swing allows us to bring that feeling to the insides of the house. It all opens the door for even more vibrant and creative design ideas.

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