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3 Home Interior Trends For 2016

Home Interior Trends For 2016 2

Home décor trends for 2016 include everything from dramatic colors to crazy bed linens with pizzaz. Here are three top interior design trends for the new year.

Home Interior Trends For 2016

1. Bringing In The Outside

Instead of going outdoors consumers will bring nature indoors. Everything from wall décor to Bonsai, stone and concrete floors and backsplashes, to unique patio furniture to distinctive shrubbery will be found inside homes. It will be interesting to see what type of wallpaper will become trendy. Perhaps 3D?

Images: kk living

Home Interior Trends For 2016 4

2. Texture Is A Strong Point In 2016

Exclusive textures will be found everywhere, especially faux fur. Chairs with baroque fabrics, velvet, or even leather will be mixed with various types of faux fur. Throw in a natural fiber accent rug and your home is ready for 2016!

Image: styling and photography by Magdalena Martin

Home Interior Trends For 2016 3

3. Florals Are On The Rise

Expect to see more floral chairs, sofas, pillows, rugs, wallpaper, and artwork on walls in 2016. Dark florals will be very popular as well.

Other trends that will be popular in 2016 are dramatic colors, geometric tiles, and sustainable furniture and appliances, to name a few.

Image: Mural by Surefaceview

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    I’m a big fan of texture, however, the large flowers on the wall, outdoor furniture used for inside and the other things you mentioned won’t se the inside of my house!

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