250 Year-Old Oil Press Turned Into A Deluxe Private Retreat

Villa Athermigo in Crete, Greece, whose name derives from the unique olive oil, used to be a traditional oil press, bursting with the gifts of this sacred, eternal tree.

Rustic on the outside, country-chic on the inside, this characterful estate has recently been given a new lease of life as a deluxe private retreat for a group of friends or family. Immense love and care has been lavished on this ancient house and the careful restoration was carried out with full respect to the place’s original architecture and spirit. The property is rented in its entirety and comprises of three  autonomous deluxe suites, named after the trees that grace their entrances.The Elia(Olive tree), Rodia (Pomegranate tree) and Karydia (Walnut tree) suites can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests in total and all exhibit the same refreshing style and attention to detail.

The luxurious and atmospheric lounge area and kitchen, blissful chill-out pool, courtyard and garden give this luxury Crete villa

the sense and scale of a boutique hotel, yet with total exclusivity and a array of pampering services to choose from.

Villa Athermigo is an ancient monument, a remarkable example of local, traditional architecture. Elements such as the main entrance, the stone openings, the interior patio, the traditional exterior oven, the well and the semi-circular arches typical of the architecture of the time, as well as the original oil extraction machinery, have all been preserved intact. This renovation process resulted in a luxurious and contemporary guest house.

Villa Athermigo 3
Villa Athermigo 14

Villa Athermigo 7
Villa Athermigo 6
Villa Athermigo 15
Athermigo 2
Villa Athermigo 12
Villa Athermigo 13
Villa Athermigo 30
Villa Athermigo 222
Villa Athermigo 11
Villa Athermigo 20
Villa Athermigo 28
Villa Athermigo 31
Villa Athermigo 19
Villa Athermigo 18
Villa Athermigo 17
Villa Athermigo 4
Villa Athermigo 8
Villa Athermigo 27
Villa Athermigo 22
Villa Athermigo 32
Villa Athermigo 24
Villa Athermigo 26
Villa Athermigo 25
Villa Athermigo 23

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