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24 Purple Bedroom Ideas


Have you ever thought about what your choice of wall colour and soft furnishings says about you? The colour scheme you choose for your bedroom could be quite revealing…

Recent research by Littlewoods.com showed that people who decorate their bedroom purple, have the most fun with, ahem, 3.49 intimate encounters a week.

Photograph Martin Morell

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Bedroom with purple highgloss wardrobe by Wellemobel.




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Take your bedroom from dull to dainty with blossomy buys and delicate decorating that won’t bust the budget.


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Keep purple rich and vibrant so it doesn’t make the room feel gloomy. Avoid using it wall-to-wall, but combine patterned wallpaper with painted walls in a corresponding tone. Choose accessories in the same purple as your wall colour, and team with plush velvets and silks to add to the opulent feel that purple creates.

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The romantic and sophisticated connotations of purple make it perfect for a bedroom scheme. Mixing muted, smokey tones with berry-coloured bed linen and a glossy aubergine cabinet provides depth and stops the look from being overpowering.

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A headboard upholstered in an elegant floral print makes for a stunning focal point in this bedroom, and is teamed with a contrasting modern purple pattern on the floor. The rich purple shade is continued in the throw and on the walls, and is set apart from the woodwork, which is painted in a plastery shade.

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This metallic-finish wallpaper and silver furniture does a great job at boosting light levels and works beautifully with purple for a calm bedroom scheme. Add deeper amethyst accents for warmth.

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Give your bedroom a glamorous look by draping luxurious fabric over a tall four-poster bed frame.
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Can’t decide which purple to decorate your bedroom with? Why not mix them with a striped effect. Soften dark shades with lighter lilac and clean white lines. Combining purple with silver can also lift a subdued scheme and creates a modern, sophisticated look.


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Violet can be quite over-powering so this shade of purple works well in bedrooms where there is lots of light coming through to balance to intensity of colour. Keep it simple for maximum impact.


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