22 Home Decor Ideas To Update Your Home In 2022

vintage kitchen decor 2022 idea
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If you’ve recently moved into a new place or are planning to update your home decor, you may be thinking about how to make it feel like home. The easiest way is always with interior design. The problem is that not everyone knows where to start. With so many different design styles and trends, it can feel impossible to know where to begin. Be are the 22 home decor ideas that will dominate in 2022.

Image: sixat21

Home Decor Ideas


Styling Home Decor Ideas

  • 70’s Retro Kickback
70's Retro boho home decor with brick wall

Give your home a splash of color with vibrant retro decor, from psychedelic wallpapers to colorful, patterned rugs to bright, shiny lighting fixtures. Please don’t hold back when it comes to color! It’s no secret that ’70s decor is back in style so take advantage of the rebirth while you have the chance. Just bear in mind that this style works best for small spaces due to its bold nature.

Image: Gabby Gomez

  • A Mix Of Mid-Century And Industrial
Mix Of Mid-Century And Industrial home decor ideas

If you have the space for it, this is a great combination to go with because it brings together two very different styles under one roof without making either seem “wrong.” It’s also an excellent way to add extra depth to an otherwise simple home decor scheme.


50's Style home decor
  • 50’s Style Post Apocalyptic

If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, why not consider going back in time with some ’50s decor? Retro and vintage pieces that were popular then are making a comeback, and they can work well as long as you don’t overdo it. Mix and match items from various decades to keep the look exciting and go for lighter colors like whites and pastels.

  • Wood-Toned Kitchen Cabinets
Warm Chestnut kitchen cabinets

Kitchens and bathrooms are the go-to spots for this color palette since it doesn’t disrupt the overall decor and can help to modernize a room. If you want to use wood without going overboard, consider trying out one of these shades instead: Warm Chestnut, Burnished Brown Maple, or Red Oak. These colors will look like they belong within an existing decor scheme, but they’ll still add some welcome warmth as well as modernizing touch.

Image: martha stewart

Easy Home Decor Ideas

blue painted ceiling dining room decor idea
  • Painted ceilings

Has your ceiling always looked dull? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to change that. Consider painting it a single color or pattern for an instant update to keep things simple.

Image: clairejefford

  • Glamorous Metallic Details
living room with gold decor

Give your home a luxurious look by adding little metal touches here and there. Everything looks good in metallic, from shiny chandeliers to golden picture frames, but choose your metals wisely since some combinations can clash easily. Gold is often seen as the safest option for small details. Silver works well with most neutrals and pastels, so this is an ideal starting point if you’re unsure where to begin. Just remember that putting too much metal together can be overwhelming, so stick with just one bold centerpiece like this chandelier on its own instead of trying to match the two together at once.

Image: Style me Pretty

  • Wall-paneling
bedroom with DIY decorative wall panels

This might feel like a very traditional idea, but paneling has yet another renaissance moment. And the best part about it, you don’t have to worry about getting everything to match since there are so many different choices available on the market nowadays. If you want to get creative with it, consider adding some wallpaper behind your panels for added depth and dimension.


  • A statement centerpiece
vintage dining table with school chair and modern wood bench

If you still think that standard furniture arrangements are too dull, why not try building an entire room around a single piece of furniture? For example, if you love round coffee tables or dining tables, pick one big enough to hold all the other pieces of furniture in the space. Using just one object as your main focal point will bring a whole new dimension to the room, and it’s a friendly alternative to those who don’t feel like they can use standard furniture arrangements anymore.

Image: sixat21

2022 Home Decor Trends

white modern country kitchen with wood counter wood open shelves and many indoor plants
  • Shades of green

Plants and flowers are great ways to add life and energy to your home. Don’t think of plants or flowers as a huge commitment to get started. You can start with smaller plants like air plants or succulents, which you water once every two weeks, and that’s it! Plus, these kinds of plants look beautiful in vases- be sure to use a tray underneath if they ever leak water. If you’re the type who loves green fingers, try pairing different kinds of green plants – fiddle leaf figs and spider plants paired together look chic and have complimentary watering requirements.

Image: stochasticverse

metal and wood living room decor
  • A mix of metal and woodwork

A little bit of texture goes a long way, which is undoubtedly true where metals and woods are concerned. If you’re worried that mixing them will look too tacky, pick one of each material for your side tables or coffee table instead since these smaller objects won’t be competing with one another.

Image: Natural Solid Wood with Metal End Table, $220.69

Home decor ideas 2022

  • Arty lighting
Orb paper Large Pendant Light

Don’t forget about your overhead lighting when it comes time to add new touches to your home! A great way to modernize this feature is by getting creative and choosing something unexpected like handmade paper pendants.

Image: Orb Large Pendant Light, $55.61

Marble with gold decorating Flowerpots
  • A touch of marble

Marble is having its moment, too, but that doesn’t mean it belongs strictly in bathrooms or kitchens anymore. Don’t be afraid to use it as occasional small home decor pieces; instead, they’re not nearly as expensive as you might think since many are made from resin these days. As long as you avoid pairing it with oodles of dark wood or glass, then you should be good.

Image: Marble Flowerpots

kitchen with white cabinets wood countertop wood open shelves and blue navy wall
  • Colorful kitchen

The kitchen is where your family spends a lot of time, and it’s the place where everyone finds inspiration. Paint the walls with an accent color that makes everyone cheer up, like deep blue or bright pink.

Image: the_indigo_house

Home decor ideas images

  • Big statement lighting
modern living room with 6 Light Sputnik Chandelier

Don’t be afraid to get creative in your lighting fixtures. You never know what ideas might work until you try them out. Why not go bold and replace all of the light bulbs in your fixtures? What about mismatched ones for a more eclectic look?

Image: 6 Light Sputnik Chandelier

  • Trendy Tiles
modern rustic tiled black and white fireplace

Most people still think of tiles as something that belongs in the kitchen or bathroom. Tiling has started popping up in other places around the house as well. Think beyond the obvious and don’t limit yourself with where you can tiles.

  • Bookcases full of books
Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase

People often complain about not having enough room for all their books. You’d be surprised at how much space they entail when they’re stacked together on shelves. If you’re someone who prefers to read from tablets, then consider displaying just a few vintage editions on your coffee table for some added visual appeal. In fact, stacking up old books is an easy way to make something look more visually attractive in your home.

Image: Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase

  • Boho Chic

If you’re into that chic bohemian style, consider turning your home into an art gallery. Use only the things you already own. It’s a great way to ensure that everything in your space continues to work together, whether art or furniture.

  • Black and white decor

If you want to simplify your life when decorating, why not go with black and white for everything? Not only does this allow you to mix and match pieces easily, but it will help make everything feel very cohesive, which is why so many designers are jumping on board with this trend lately since less can be more sometimes. You’d be surprised at how well these two similar colors look together – they work even better than most people think!

Smart Home Decor Updates

  • Soft lighting

Soft lighting is perfect for getting rid of the harsh shadows that harsh overhead lights can sometimes cause, which is why it’s become such a trend in recent years. If you’re worried that the light will be too dim, then consider adding some pendant-style lamps to create separate areas of brightness around the room instead of having one significant source of light illuminating everything at once.

  • Adding extra layers

Adding another layer to your decoration scheme doesn’t always mean picking up something new either! Simply painting existing pieces with dark or bright accent colors can do the trick, especially for bookcases, coffee tables, and fans. Changing up how you display your current pieces is a great way to add another layer without buying anything new.

  • A monochromatic scheme

You don’t need to go all out when it comes to color in your home decor, especially when using dark shades. Instead, stick with one color and let it be the backdrop for everything else you have. Try using different textures to make the monochromatic color dull. If you’re worried that it’ll be hard to mix and match, then try introducing a few different hues of the same color for some extra flair.


Image: Etsy

  • Abstract art

Don’t be afraid to go a little abstract when it comes to your home decor, especially if you prefer not to limit yourself with restrictions. For example, why not try painting the walls in your room with bold color and then displaying just a few more miniature paintings instead of covering everything from top to bottom? The chances are that things will still feel very connected, but you’ll also have a bit more versatility when switching up the theme every once in a while.

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