20 Great Space Saving Ideas

space saving idea

Today with homes getting smaller and smaller, space saving has really come into its own. In the old days, space saving meant finding places and cupboards in which to shove all of our precious stuff and in the end it was not very well organized. Plus, most of our favorite items were put away out of sight and never seen before.

These days, space saving has truly become an art and a challenge too. Even larger homes are enjoying the concept of saving space and being able to organize items into places where we can actually find them.

Keeping these ideas in mind here are 20 ways to save space in your home. This is also 20 ways in which you can add value to your home and make your life easier. Some of the ideas you might be already using, or some of them might seem quite obvious to you, now that you have heard how to do it!

Some of the storage ideas for small spaces are old ideas and others are brand new. So, with that in mind here are the best 20 tips for space saving and effective storage.

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Make Use Of Under The Stairs

1. Make Use Of Under The Stairs.

Some people will already have a cupboard under their stairs, but this will often tend to be just at one end and this leaves a lot of unused space that could be converted into some storage that will keep things out of the way. Consider having a series of cupboards built into that space with them gradually increasing in size as the room expands and you will be surprised at just how many items you can fit into this one area.

People are also turning that space into small studies or even second toilets. The possiblities are endless and depend on course on your budget and commitment to change.

Image: NY Times

Dining Table And Chairs That Fit Into One

2. Dining Table And Chairs That Fit Into One.

The problem with a dining table and chairs is that they will often take up so much space and when you are already cramped that is hardly an ideal solution. However, there are several designs available that will allow the chairs to be pushed snugly under the table when not in use meaning you only have to think about the circumference of the table. Alternatively, there are others whereby the dining table can fold down with chairs being incorporated into the body of the table using up even less space than before. It is an obvious solution but one might be surprised at how little this clever space saving tip is used.

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indoor wall garden

3. Remember walls.

When there is not enough space on the floor area the first thought is to go ‘up’. This makes sense not only in our homes, but gardens too. Many a garden has doubled its capacity simply by adding a wall garden, or wall art and lighting.

Indoors the possiblities are endless. Small nooks and crannies can be overhauled into not only space saving areas but add beauty to your home as well. Corners can look very artist with built in corner cupboards and inbuilt lighting for example. This can work in the lounge, the kitchen and even bedroom. Making use of white reflective furniture can increase the illusion of space, so the shelves to not add the look of overcrowding.

Bathrooms do well with glass shelves since there are obviously clear and appear lightweight on the eye. Almost like thin air so to speak.

Bed Can Double Up as Storage


4. Your Bed Can Double Up as Storage.

Most beds these days have storage drawers underneath them. Depending on their design. Others even open up ‘James Bond’ style to reveal a massive storage panel underneath. Kids room become easier to tidy with draws added under the bed.

Many beds in many styles have this additional feature and it is certainly a simply but effective way to save space.

Furniture as a Space Saving Feature

5. General Furniture as a Space Saving Feature.

Coffee tables no longer need just be another piece of furniture in your room. Instead complete with panels and draws they can be nifty store away pieces that are not only functional but follow form too.

Image: west elm

Wall Table

6. Wall Tables

Desks, kitchen units, dining room tables and dressing tables can be flip down tops that attach to the wall.

Once they are not in use, you simply flip down and you have all that floor space back again. There are two ways to do this, either you blend into the area so that they become invisible, for example white on white, or make it a stand out feature. A charming red and white kitchen with red accessories can really glean funk appeal with a high shine flip down breakfast table and matching chairs. In this way you not only save space but can brag about it at the same time.

Window Blinds

7. Window Blinds Take on a Whole New Function

There are window blinds made from water proof materials that can not only make stunning blinds, and blinds by the way do save floor space, particularly if your room is very small, as curtains can hang up to 10 cm into a room robbing you of visual space and concrete space. The new twist on these blinds are that once pulled forward the slats can be used to hang washing on. This is a handy addition if your heater is under the window like many radiators are.

Image: DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

Attics The New Extra Room

8. Attics The New Extra Room

Attics can turn into fantastic space saving places. Once you have the go-ahead for planning you can add not only home libraries, along with drop down ladder, but a multitude of different ideas, the only limit being your imagination. The nice thing about a library attic is that books will be neatly placed and easier to find.

Shelves decor

9. Shelves

Shelves have already been mentioned, but in this context consider shelves as brag spots. Photographs, expensive ornaments, perfumes, caps and hats can be stored on shelves to add that cutting edge appeal that shouts modern as well as cut down on items being put away and not shown in all their glory.

Image: Southern Weddings

Home Appliances Take on Russian Doll Appeal

10.Home Appliances Take on Russian Doll Appeal

Remember those old fashioned Russian Dolls that were so very popular in days gone by? Well, today a similar concept has been taken and ehanced by designers in ways that will blow your mind.

Knives sets, that fit into each other to form one smooth shape. Pots that do the very same thing. This all means one thing. Smaller shape, smaller space required.

Image: B

Beds in the Wall

11. Beds in the Wall.

Many people have seen the idea where a very small apartment would make use of a ‘wall bed’. The bed would flip down at night and flip up in the morning. These days, people are enjoying dual function rooms. Perhaps a space bedroom could double up as a spacious study in the day time.

Image: organized interior

Chairs Combine With Storage

12. Chairs Combine With Storage.

There can be more to a chair than just being a place to sit. Instead, there are now designs available that can double up as a bookshelf or just an extra place for you to store various ornaments that you wish to have on display. Getting two uses out of one piece of furniture is certainly a rather interesting idea.

sofa that can then convert into a dining table

13. An Even Cooler Convertible Sofa.

Believe it or not, but there is a company that has designed a sofa that can then convert into a dining table. The base becomes the table and the cushions convert into the chairs and you can see how this is yet another example of a multi-purpose piece of furniture that will save you so much space.

Image:  julia kononenko

Using Paintings To Store Jewelry

14. Using Paintings To Store Jewelry.

Those paintings on your wall make look nice, but if you are clever with DIY, then how about putting some hinges on the painting and having it also act as a place to hang jewelry? Think about it, there is space behind the painting that is being wasted and it also means that your jewels are kept hidden away making everything neat and tidy.

Image: whiskey drink studio

An Ironing Board And Mirror Combo

15. An Ironing Board And Mirror Combo.

Now, an ironing board and a full length mirror are two essential items that also take up a lot of space, so why not combine the two? Aissa Logerot has designed such an item and as long as you can look past the ironing board shaped mirror, then you are going to love this product.

Modular Chairs That Combine Into One

16. Modular Chairs That Combine Into One.

We have already mentioned chairs, but the range of space saving ideas that focus on this one piece of furniture is amazing. There are chairs out there that actually fit inside one another like the Russian dolls idea we mentioned earlier and the best part is that they incorporate modern design that will look perfect in virtually any house.

Image: ooo my design

baskets Under  Bed

17. Don’t Forget Under Your Bed.

Depending on the style of bed that you own there is always the possibility of turning that space into some extra storage. There are various solutions that are available from storage boxes to low drawers that can be pulled out, but the main thing is to not just leave it open without using it because how will that save you space?

Image: Foster House

Folding Balcony

18. A Folding Balcony.

Now, this one is going to sound crazy, but a company called Bloomframe has actually designed a new window that then folds down to become a balcony. This will give you some extra space on those nice days, but do be aware that you could run into problems with planning permission even though the idea itself is seriously cool.

Shower Curtains With Pockets

19. Shower Curtains With Pockets.

If you thought that your shower curtain was just for stopping the floor from getting wet, then think again. Instead, you can also purchase one that comes complete with pockets on the outside giving you more storage space in the bathroom with this being perfect for those with little space available.

bed  On Top Of Your Wardrobe

20. Sleep On Top Of Your Wardrobe.

If you do not have a large bedroom and wish to make full use of the space, then how about incorporating your wardrobe and your bed? There are designs available where your bed acts almost like a bunk bed, and we are talking about for adults here, allowing you to have more storage space in the room whilst also having a place to sleep.

Image: Anton Semenov

The ideas mentioned here are intended to really get you thinking as to what is possible if you put your mind to it. Of course some of the ideas will not appeal to you, but perhaps it will have inspired you to think out the box especially when it comes to space saving ideas.


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