20 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Dining Room

Your family is coming for the holidays and you will be utilizing your dining room frequently for large holiday dinners. However, after looking at the drab drapery and decorations, you decide that it is time for a change. Your dining room represents who you are and should be reflective of this. It is also the heart of the home where family and friends congregate to talk over what has happened during the day. What are some ways to bring character to your dining room? Read on to discover 20 easy ways to elevate your dining room.

20 Beautiful Dining Room Ideas

  • Cozy Banquette

Add a cozy banquette to your dining room to add more seating and a dramatic difference. The wood from the banquette will add extra warmth to the room and something for your guests to talk about. You may want to also add decorative pillows for an added touch of flavor.

Image: Veranda

  • Statement Centerpieces

Statement centerpieces can be as big and bold as you want. Choose a floral arrangement or some type of holiday decoration. Your statement centerpiece can represent your fashion style ideas for your drab and boring dining room.

Image: Katie Hodges Interiors 

  • Coastal Inspired

Creating a costal inspired dining room means a pastel oriented dining room. Choose a warm light wood and white or yellows, greens and coastal blues for decorating. Your guests will feel like they are eating outside on the beach, which is the exact idea of your coastal inspired change.

  • Gallery Wall

A beautiful gallery wall lends sophistication and class to your dining room. It also gives your guests something to talk about during dinner time. Let you gallery wall have a theme that uses pictures to express these ideas.

Instagram: poster store

  • Oversized Pendant

A bold oversized pendant hanging overhead your dining room table brings a new sense of style to your dining room decor. Use your sense of style to purchase a pendant that will fit the size of your dining room.

  • Holiday Setup

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two biggest holidays for families to gather around the dining room table. Holiday setups work well for each occasion. Get Santa Claus, a reindeer and other decorations for Christmas. A large well lit pumpkin for candlelight Thanksgiving dinners works well for romance and fun filled experiences with your family.

Image: place of my taste

  • Woven Accent

Try incorporating woven decorations into your dining room for a warmer look. These accents can be small or large enough to hang or sit on the floor. The accent will add class and a change to a dining room that needs a new look.

  • Wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper to put on your walls for a dramatic change is a great idea. You may want to choose a style that is bold and dramatic to spice things up. Wallpaper can always add a fresh new look for any room.

Image: Jean Stoffer Design

  • Textured Neutral

Brining neutrals to your dining room may be what is best for bringing the energy down. Choose neutral colors for a more calming solution to your dining room decor.

Image: the blush home

  • White Backdrop

Adding a white backdrop will bring a dramatic contrast between wall color and furniture. If you are someone who likes the color of white drawn into a room, then you will enjoy this design.

Image: Katie Hodges Interiors 

  • Bright Seating

Brighten your seats with a bold orange or yellow padding and let them stand out amongst the crowd. Your guests will immediately notice the change.

Image: at Charlotte’s house

  • Circular Table

Instead of the traditional square or rectangular dining room table, place a large circular table in the room. This will make dining a little less formal.

Image: Ryan Haus

  • Painted Floors

Painting your dining room floors adds a dramatic flair to your dining room table. You may want to paint your floors with a simple basic solid neutral color or go bolder with a pattern.

  • Bold Tablecloth

A bold tablecloth makes a dramatic difference at the dining room table. The tablecloth can represent your taste or may be welcoming for your family to feel at ease at the table.

mage: style me pretty

  • Oversized Painting

An oversized painting adds a beautiful touch to your dining decor. There are beautiful abstract and modern paintings that will add beauty and class to any room.

  • Unexpected Touches

Unexpected touches are left up to you and what you want to add to your dining room. .

  • Mirrors Everywhere

Mirrors everywhere add drama and a new fashion sense of style. Use small, medium and large sized mirrors to create an intriguing ambiance.

Image: blesser house

  • Family Photos

Family photographs are a great way to decorate your dining room. Placing photos in different sized frames brings an intimacy inside your dining room that cannot be replaced.

Image: TUFT & TRIM

Thoughtfully Thrifted
  • Runner

Place a runner under your dining room table to add an extra appeal for your family. A decorative runner also keeps stains from getting on your carpet.

Image: Miranda Schroeder

  • Vibrant Curtains

Tear down those drab curtains and put up curtains with pops of color that add to your decor. Choose a design that accents the furniture in the room.

These are 20 easy ways to elevate your dining room. Find those that work best for your room size and family. As you continue to use these ideas, you will look back on that original drab dining room as a thing of the past.

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