20 Bathroom Designs With Vintage Industrial Charm

vintage industrial bathroom design

Industrial bathrooms alert! Yes, you read that right! In this article, we take a look at some interior design tips for those who would like to achieve the vintage and industrial feel to your bathroom. We are going to talk about this beautiful style many interior designers support. And why not use it for yourself to see how it can change and transform your every day routine?

Every morning when we get up, the bathroom is one of the very first places we visit. Each night after a long day at work, we also want to visit the bathroom. In order to relax and take a shower. This is even more relaxing when the bathroom looks nice and warm. You may even want the bathroom to reflect your style. This way, you can even add this room to the list of the ones you would show off to your guests on a house tour.

Having a great bathroom also makes your guests feel welcome in your home and is an important part of interior decoration. Trust us, having an industrial bathroom can really help you achieve this!

Vintage and industrial bathrooms

When it comes to vintage, the industrial bathroom is a great place for getting it just right. A vintage feel may remind you and your guests about the good old days and make them feel like they have travelled through time. The old feel is great for the interior of a house as it has a great visual appeal. With the vintage feel in bathroom ideas, you will be able to achieve an extremely popular aesthetic. Though it is not all that easy.

For a start, you will need to have the proper resources before you can embark on the remodeling project. One of the challenges you may run into is limited space so you need to plan well in advance for the remodeling. Color combinations are also important and this will reflect your style. Brown in combination with another color is very popular for vintage and industrial looks as it brings out a sense of something being old. Wood is a good material to use for the frames of such things as the mirrors, doors and windows. Placing something that reminds people about the past such as a birdcage hanging on the ceiling is great as it brings a vintage atmosphere to the bathroom.

You can also have pipes that are detached from the wall in order to remind people about the days when indoor pipes were scarce. Dull metals are preferred for these pipes since they do not create a cutting edge ambiance and preserve the old days look to the bathroom.

Photos gallery of bathrooms

Below you can check some industrial bathrooms you can consider while changing your bathroom decor.

black and white industrial bathroom idea bricks as industrial bathroom ideas exposed brick and big window round mirror in industrial bathroom black and white bathroom decor glass door in bathroom white industrial bathroom vintage bathroom decor black and white industrial bathroom vintage industrial bathroom design 10 vintage industrial bathroom design 11 vintage industrial bathroom design 12 vintage industrial bathroom design 14 vintage industrial bathroom design 15 bathroom-design-vintage-industrial-14 bathroom-design-vintage-industrial-13 vintage style and bathtub wooden sliding door vintage style in basin

In conclusion, there is a lot that you can do in order to achieve that vintage or industrial look and feel to your bathroom. So long as you plan carefully and have the right resources, nothing can stop your interior design efforts. Additionally, people will also feel good in relaxing in an industrial bathroom.

white tiles in decor

There’s ample storage in the black-and-white guest bathroom. Keeping the grout black on the tiled walls makes for easy maintenance and lends further high-contrast to the design.

FLOOR TILE Volcano (Nero), www.nemotile.com.

SUBWAY TILE Metro (Ultra-white), www.nemotile.com.

CEILING PAINT BM 2120-10 (Jet Black) VANITY Early 20th century mercantile vanity with white Carrera top, www.rh.com.

GLASS CHESTPharmacy Bath Tall Cabinet in black, www.rh.com.

SCONCES Edison caged single sconce in gunmetal, www.rh.com.

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