1760’s Coach House Annex Converted Into A Spacious House

Coachhouse breukelen

A monumental coach house annex stables from 1760 is converted into a spacious house by Zecc Architects. A mishmash of built curiosities from previous renovations is removed. In this way the historical elements and large spaces return. The stable, still complete with hay racks, stone troughs and iron cast horse heads, is used as a living room. The original tack room is now the entrance hall and the coach house has been converted into a spacious kitchen. Some high stall doors reappeard after the demolition. This created a surprising connection between living room and kitchen. In this high inside dimension, a new stair is placed as a modern addition. The staircase has gotten special attention because of the central position in the coach house. The exterior is made of mirror smooth stucco and the interior is entirely made of solid oak. The central placement made it the hub of the house, daylight falls from the roof into the new kitchen. Upstairs the double hood with rough wooden trusses determines the atmosphere. The staircase creates a connection between the second living room with fireplace.

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