16 Home Trends For 2016

16 home trends for 2016

2015 has come and gone what it brought to home decorating trends that celebrated color and the return to elegance. 2015 gave grey a new meaning and mixed colors and mismatched furniture. It was a year were different hues could be layers together to elicit different reactions to the beholder. The trends in 2015 included textures and interestingly shaped fixture melding with natural textures to create what can only be described as eclectic home décor.

In 2015 we saw silver and stainless steel fixtures being matched with gold. Things like lamps made a come back showing up in unique and opulent design made with rich material.


Cowhides were the rage. They made a showing on floors as rugs and on pillow covers.


Wallpaper made a big comeback in 2015. This is just not any old wallpaper but is bright and has interesting texture. Again the colors are bold even what is considered to be demure can be seen as radically loud. Forget pastel, pastels are dead. Blue in all its accents made a big splash in a lot of décor magazines 2016 is set to be an exciting year that celebrates the visions of artistry of artisans who create using different forms. Layered textures are still set to be a big thing this year. There seems to be a lot of focus to returning deco into a personal form of expression so imperfect combinations will be the rage this year. Here are some of the trends that are expected in 2016:


Cozy crochets and warm woolen knits

  1. Cozy crochet and warm woolen knits

Woolen knits and cozy crotches are making their way into the list of trend in 2016 because of the texture revolution that has is expected to extend beyond 2015. Woolen knits can be brought into living rooms and bedrooms that could use a bit of comfort and a soft touch. There are cozy crochet cushion covers, throws, and rugs that can be knitted from really thick wool, hot water bottles, tea cup covers and yes, cozies that your grandmother used to put on her tea kettle.

Image: Ohhio’s Grande Punto blanket


artisan ceramics

  1. Artisan Ceramics

A lot of people who want to assert their uniqueness find that having one of kind artisan ceramics is the way to go. You can be assured that there will not be someone else out there who has the same ceramic plates, bowls and etc. these can be those special breakable pieces in your home that does not have a “made in china” stamp. Even if your friends commission the same artist that you got your wares from the chances that they will get the exact design are slim. It is refreshing to see Artisan ceramic makers having their place in their sun and having their work recognized as art.

Image: Ceramic’s by  artist Alex Standen


bedroom suede wall covering

  1. Suede

Suede has made a comeback in a major way. Besides being used to make great clothes it is also making its way in homes on chair covers and as wall coverings. The colors are inspirational, they hearken to the 1970 hippie movement with fringed suede.

Image: Interior design by Michael Abrams,


Mix and match country tableware

  1. Country Tableware

County Tableware has made a big showing in the trends. China made in China has been eclipsed by unconventionally shaped, mismatched, informal and eclectic country tableware. Country tableware does not conform to the laws of shape and uniformity that tableware is supposed to adhere to. It is definitely a trend that will go on for a long time.

Strata Art Glass Pendant Light

  1. Compressed Layers

This trend pushes the boundaries between art and science in creating products with materials you wouldn’t think could mesh like wood metal and plastics. The imperfections that result work surprisingly well. This is applied in a variety of products that even leave people.

Image: Shades Of Light

home trends for 2016 victorian decor

  1. Victorian inspired décor

Victorian era inspired décor has necessarily gone out of style. It is often associated with largesse but the truth is there are cheaper ways to get a Victorian decor in your space. Decoration can start off with simple window treatments, and stencils for the wall. The most important consideration to pull off this trend is to get is Victorian inspired furniture.



black leather decorative pillow with fringe

  1. The fringe

Fringe has been trending in fashion and deco. It is popularly used with suede and leather coverings. The Fringe has been around for a couple of seasons and it does not show sign of fading.

Image: Ralph Lauren throw pillow features intricate Western-style embossing and fringe


handcrafted wood and glass terrariums

  1. Wood and glass

Wood With Glass can be blended to create the most amazing pieces, most importantly in creating terrariums. These are usually made of a wooden base and hand-blown glass, which makes each one unique.

Image: Wood + Glass Terrariums


gray kitchen with gold handles

  1. Gold Handles

Gold handles have shaken the reputation of being insignificant, ostentatious ornaments that nouveu riche people to being stylish pieces to have in your home.

Image: Photo by Eric Piasecki for Martha Stewart via Design Milk


black and white plaid armchair

10. Plaids

Plaid have been making their way from clothing the furniture covering. They come in different colors and are a great way to make a fashion statement.


Rose and quartz bedroom

11.Rose Quartz and Serenity

Rose quartz has been chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year.

In 2015 Blue was the pantone color of the year. In 2016, we are likely to see Rose quartz in all its use being widely used in designing fabrics and paint

Image: housetohome


ovrsized art photography print wall decor

12.Oversized Art Prints

Every home should have artwork displayed. These serve as conversation starters as much as they do making any room look special. Oversized aren’t necessarily paintings they are like artwork or photographs blow up to cover piece of the walls


Wabi Sabi bathroom with stone sink, rough wood vanity, and industrial hardware

13.Resort Style

Ever wished you could wake up in Bali with the unspoilt nature all over. There isn’t much that you could miss here. Resort living is about t integrating or creating a symbiosis with nature.


Tropical Decor Inspiration


14.Tropical Décor

Tropical décor is about comfort, homes surrounded with lush landscapes – Think vibrant colors, woods, coral hammocks and rattan and conjure images of places like Bali.

Image: Photo Laura Moss for The New York Times


subdued colors in the bedroom

15.Aged and Eroded

Décor with an aged and eroded look can be bought but homeowners can actually make their products aged. Techniques for aging include color marbleizing to preserve the old façade.

Image: design sponge


kate spade new york Malmo Rose Gold 5-piece Stainless Place Setting

16. Rose Gold

If there is anything more elegant than gold, that is the pink version of it. Right now, the rose gold has been all over from jewelry to perfume. We’ve been seeing it everywhere, from jewelry to handbags even on perfume bottles! Pair Rose Gold Flatware with hand-painted plates for an eclectic twist on dining.

Image: kate spade new york Malmo Rose Gold 5-piece Stainless Place Setting

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