15 Home Trends For 2015

Home Trends For 2015 8

The coming New Year may bring not just little changes for the better to your life, but also to your home. There is no better time for a house makeover than when you’re riding the wave of new resolutions for a happier, healthier and a more aesthetic year than the last. Pick up some décor, design and other tips from what is expected to trend in the home and interior design front for 2015. Here are some predictions of home trends 2015 to get you started.

Home Trends For 2015 10

  1. PANTONE Marsala, Color of the Year 2015

When it comes to choosing the color for your walls or furniture upholstery or other accents, the Pantone color of the year ‘Marsala’ (Pantone 18-1438) will give you plenty of versatility. This color is inspired by the fortified wine of the same name, and it suggests richness and sophistication, style and heartiness at the same time. The color goes dramatically well with a variety of neutral shades, taupes and whites. Use it on your walls with a matte finish for earthy warmth, or with a gloss that adds an element of luxury and glamour.

Good pairings for Marsala can include Pantone’s Golden Ochre, Cornstalk, Ashes of Roses, Teal, Aqua Splash and others from the palette.

Home Trends For 2015 2

  1. Futuristic, angular shapes

A trend that will set your home apart if you dare to adopt it is angular furniture. Whether it is for your living room or study, you can find a piece that stands out and goes well with most minimalist and monochrome modern homes. When it comes to designers, think the Polish Melounge Studio, German designer Florian Kallus, Russian brand ODESD2 and others.

Geometric Coffee Table by Autori Vari

Home Trends For 2015 12

  1. Stacked or interlocked designs


Minimalism with experimentation continues to figure big in home décor trends 2015. Designs that involve stacking parts or furniture with interlocking parts to suggest a delicate balance can be explored. Think stacked chest of drawers in modern materials and textures, stacked shelves, nested side tables and asymmetric designs. Modular furniture by gOO, the ‘Maroma’ Jacob’s Ladder storage unit by Daniel Romero Valencia are some inspiring pieces that stick to this style. Also get inspired by minimalist stackable furniture such as the Pacman range by Korean designer Cho Hyung Suk.

Home Trends For 2015 14

  1. Suspended Decoration

Since delicate balance is an important theme in home décor trends 2015, hanging decoration will be in. Whether it is hanging indoor potted plants or contemporary pendant lamps, you can find a modern, futuristic design to suit. The sleeker or more fuss-free the vases, chandeliers or pendant lamps you choose the more trendy your home will be. Ornaments in white with metallic hardware will make an excellent complement to the color of the year, Marsala.

Image: Jessica Cooper Photography

Home Trends For 2015 15

  1. Textured surfaces

Have textured surfaces wherever you can to complement modern smooth surfaces. There is going to be very little use of printed patterns, and instead, textures are going to offer detailing and intricacy on plain surfaces. You can look for interesting monochromatic textured vases, pottery and even furniture.

Image: New Kaza Concrete three-dimensional tile collection

Home Trends For 2015 6

  1. Contrasting edges

Another little trend that you can employ to add some color to monochrome backgrounds that are in this year is contrasting edges. Use this trend on your furniture, decorative pottery, walls, tableware, rugs, and any other place that you can creatively think of. You can always use Marsala as a contrasting edge for shades of taupe, white or other colors on the official Pantone-recommended pairing with Marsala.

Image: peruvian textiles

Home Trends For 2015 4

  1. Combination of dark wood and metal

Dark wood and metal is a trendy combination this year. In fact, the idea has been to merge nature and science as far as is possible. One of the results of this experimentation is the very attractive new trend of combining dark, sophisticated tones of natural wood with metal in gold, silver, brass or copper tones.

Image: Hilla Shamia

Home Trends For 2015 13

  1. Structures with delicate lines

Along with angular furniture and suspended lights, look for delicate lines wherever possible in the structures that you bring into your home. This doesn’t mean intricately carved wrought iron, but instead straight and angular lines. Think shelves by Viktor Matik, beautiful wood sculpture furniture by Joseph Walsh and similar designers who go for simplicity and style.

Image: Ebb side tables by Joseph Walsh. Photo by Andrew Bradley.

Home Trends For 2015 3

  1. Dip painted

Dipping and painting , as DIY ombre aficionados will know, was very popular in the past couple of years. This year, bleeding colors and blotting patterns continue to be a design trend.

Image: Jacqueline Maldonado Armor Throw Pillow

Oxidized metal open shelving 2015 home decor trend

  1. Oxidized metal

The blotting of metal by oxidation and the patterns that oxidation generates is going to be attractive this year. Indoor or outdoor furniture with oxidized metal elements, coffee tables with metal stands etc. can be a good addition to your home. At the same time, look for metals like copper that achieve beautiful shades of blue and green on oxidation.

Image: RH Shelving

Home Trends For 2015 glass lighting

  1. Glass lighting

Glass lighting will be the big trend in lighting choices for modern homes this autumn/winter season. Again, the underlying theme is nature, pattern and minimalism. Glass fits in well here, since it borders between chemistry and its play with natural light. Look for single-colored, classy ombre shaded glass lamps and shades for your home.

Image: Cut glass wine decanters get a second life as stunning ceiling lamps.

Home Trends For 2015 plastic with wood

  1. Compressed plastic and wood

Your home should have touches of playfulness in the coming year, and contrasting combinations of wood and compressed plastic might feature in it. Recycled plastic that is compressed and used as an accent against wood can make simple, clean-lined furniture vibrant.

Image: Scott, Rich & Victoria

Home Trends For 2015 11

  1. Color pop

While trendy homes are expected to have modern monochromatic paints, a pop of color to highlight a quirky part of the room, a niche, a fireplace etc. is a hot trend. Jazz up your white walls and dark wood flooring with a bright yellow, teal or red fireplace niche. The idea is to keep it simple, but find the beauty in everyday things. If you are mixing and contrasting patterns and textures while you add a color pop, it’s even better.

Image:  Hally’s Restaurant in London, designed by Alexander Waterworth.

Home Trends For 2015 9

  1. Painted Wood

Contrasts and experimentation, as well as refreshing perspective on home décor from the perspective of kids will continue to inspire the trend of painted wood. Use painted wood furniture; add a bright pop of color in an otherwise monochrome room with painted wood.

Home Trends For 2015

  1. Imperfect Decoration

Explore the beauty of imperfection this year with lopsided decorations, tilted, seemingly off-balance pieces and anything that has to do with balance or the lack of it. Look for abstract sculptures and artwork that are inspired by science and nature.

Image: Wood Wall Sculpture

Ultimately, the home décor trends for 2015 will continue to drive towards minimalism, with some touches of futuristic and angular shapes, glass, plenty of natural-looking materials like compressed wood, a play of textures, color and patterns. Which of these trends do you like?

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