12 Ways To Update Your Home for Spring

Spring is nearly upon us and as one of my favorite times of the year I cannot help but start preparing for the newness and freshness that it brings. We had a relatively mild winter this year but I still want spring to come around already. To get you ready for spring that is just a few weeks away, I have come up with a few spring home decor ideas to spruce up your home. These are super easy and inexpensive ways to make your home come alive for the spring.

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We are always listening to music, but there is nothing like having some beautiful and lively music playing with the windows thrown wide open. Not only will this make your home come alive but it will add a spring in your step. Add some scented candles and do some barefoot dancing on the tile or wooden flooring as there is no better way to discard the boots and wool socks you wore all winter, and now will no longer be needing.

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Update your Accessories

Summer and spring months mean that you now have the freedom to get rid of all the accessories you used in the wintry months. Pare down your fireplace mantel and coffee table and lighten your bookshelf. Replace your heavier accessories such as brass candlesticks and dark wood boxes with some lightly colored items and vases. If you were decorating with candles, go all out with light colors by replacing the dark candles with ivories and whites.

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Introduce a whiff of spring

With spring starting to brighten up the inside of the home, it’s time to make it smell the same way too. Get rid of all your potpourris and candles and replace them with spring scents. Give each room a different scent so that the change in the air is more profound from room to room. One of the best ways to add scents is to use essential oils such as grapefruit and lavender spread into the room through a diffuser. 

Freshly cut flowers

If you have a few dollars, you can brighten up the house with some freshly cut spring blooms. You can always get your fresh flowers from the local Walmart or even from online vendors on marketplaces such as Amazon. You can always get some inexpensive flowers which come in a variety of colors and types and have your beautiful greens or flowers in no time. If you cannot wait for your flower to be delivered, you can always cut some yourself from the garden for free and have them installed in the living room in minutes.

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Bright Colors

Spring brings with it renewal and rebirth and hence to welcome it you have to have your interior décor mirror the outdoors. Put away all the dark colors that you loved so much for the cozy warmth they gave during the winter, and replace them with some brighter colors. All those blacks and browns need to go to be replaced with primary colors that brighten up the rooms. 

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Change Up Your Furniture

Now is the time to enjoy some light and fun furniture. Swap out your upholstered or dark wood bench and bring out the spring colored sea grass or wicker chairs. Balconies, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms will look great with some garden-inspired furniture. You could also spice it up with some vintage watering cans that really bring out the spirit of spring and summer. 

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Swap out Lampshades

This is one of the most inexpensive yet most effective home decor ideas for a spring update. Change the lamp shades on your chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps. What you are looking for is something fun and brightly colored that goes well with your interiors. Changing the lampshade can be something as simple as adding a ribbon around the top and bottom of the lampshade, or asking your vendor for customized pieces (these tend to be more expensive).

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Introduce greens

Another way to welcome the spring is to introduce some greens. You can plant an indoor garden which will make your home ready for spring as it truly brings the outdoors into the house. Moreover, having green herbs in the house will improve the air quality, which will make you and your family healthier and happier.

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Refresh Your Space

This is one of the few spring home decor trends that I was doing and still do long before it became popular. I have been refreshing my space every season and have always seen them come alive when I do so. You do not have to do anything major as changing a few designs, adding a few things here and there can make a huge difference. If you have a budget you may decide to switch your linens, rearrange the furniture, artwork and photos and a few signs among others.

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Change your Curtains

Window curtains have a huge effect on the look of your spaces. As such, replacing your heavy winter draperies with some colorful and light shades and curtains could work wonders for your spring home décor. For a few hundred dollars, you can get some readymade curtain panels and have a complete overhaul to welcome the spring. Of course, you could also get some custom window draperies and shades though this will certainly cost more. 

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Get some Lighter Fabrics

Spring home decor 2019 is all about light fabrics in fun spring patterns, bright colors, and light fabrics in place of the cable knit, faux fur, wool, and other wintry fabrics that served you so well during the winter. The same goes for the accent pillows and heavy throws that need to be replaced with lighter alternatives. I would also replace furniture slipcovers, window draperies, and throw pillows for a completely new look. 

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Do a Spring Clean

Nothing says spring is here better than the spring clean. Give the house a full scrub that was not possible during the cold wintry months or the hot summers. Have a checklist of all things that need a good cleaning from your linens to window treatments to baseboards and furniture. A good spring clean may take longer than the other quick hacks we shared on this list, but it is the one that is most effective at making the home come alive.

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There you have it, twelve spring home décor ideas that you should add to your spring interior décor regimen. Of course, the list is not comprehensive as there tens of ideas that you can implement for the specific needs of your home or according to your taste and preferences. These are just a short list of what I usually do when spring comes knocking, and I hope it gives you inspiration on how to welcome spring in a few weeks’ time.

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