12 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home


Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 7A lot of people are scared to use color inside their house, which is unfortunate because there are so many different ways it can make the room pop! If you’re ready to change up your decor for the better, then use the tips below for adding color the right way.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home
1. Throw Pillows

These pillows come in a lot of different colors and patterns, so take your pick with those that you like (you can even make your own for cheap). Throw these on your couches and chairs and you’ll have instant color and personality in your living room.

Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 4

2. Change Accents

If you have something like a lamp or picture frame sitting on your end tables, then paint them! Most small accents can be painted to fit the needs of your home, and it doesn’t require that much time or effort to do this.

Tip: Add glitter to add a little bit of sparkle to the room.

Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 10

3. Paint Your Floor

If you have hard floors that you really want to change, then consider painting them! You can paint them one solid color or choose a design, like stripes or zig zags. This is one of the more permanent changes, but it is worth it if you want to make a big statement.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 2
4. Rug

Add a colorful rug to your room and you’ll see an immediate change in the entire spice. Complement this with matching frames in the same area to finish off the look!
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 9
5. DIY Colorful Art

Art can be expensive, so why not make your own? Purchase some wallpaper that you like the print of, and frame it to put on your walls. This is not only cheap; it is really unique and will add beautiful color to any room. You can also use smaller frames and put them on nightstands or counters if you don’t have a lot of wall space available.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 13
6. Bookshelf Background

Change a boring bookshelf by putting patterned wallpaper on the inside of it. This will dress up your walls, add a pop of color and give the room an overall more decorated feel! Chevron print is a great choice, but flowers and stripes can also work out quite well.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 6
7. Floor Vases

If you have a large television sitting on top of a simple stand, then place two bright-colored floor vases on each side. There’s no need to add flowers to these, as they will look great on their own.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 11
8. Look to the Ceiling

One really unique way to add color is by painting your ceiling! You can use a solid color or a pattern, depending on the rest of the decor that is in your space. Just make sure the rest of the room balances nicely, because this does add a lot of color in a concentrated area.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 3
9. Paint Your Door

Paint your door a bright or bold color that you think looks great with the color of your home. A lot of people go with a deep red, as it’s a rich and luxurious color that looks beautiful for guests or people driving by.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 8
10. Curtains

If you hang curtains inside of your home, then change out your plain ones for those with bright colors or patterns. It’s easy to make these on your own, but there are a lot of stores that sell unique curtains as well.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 5
11. Colorful Bulb Covers

Instead of using plain bulb covers, choose those that are colorful and unique. There are a lot of these available, and they look particularly nice in kitchen nooks or in dining rooms.
Easy ideas to Add Color to Your Home 12
12. Bold Cabinets

A lot of people paint their cabinets to make them look better, but stick with colors like white or black. Choose a bright color, like red, and you’ll add instant drama to your kitchen.

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