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12 Colourful Quick Fixes For Your Living Room

12 Colourful Quick Fixes For Your Living Room

The living room is a space of comfort and good moods. Being the center social space of the house, it is crucial to invest time in decorating it, in order to achieve a happy and cozy space that draws all individuals in to spend some quality time with their friends or family. The following are 12 colorful quick fixes to transform any space into a colorful living room of joy:

living room with lime green curtains

1. Dress Windows In Sunshine Shades
Decorate your windows with shades to add privacy and instant color. Do try and remain consistent in the color scheme, however, as the window shades are merely a decorative accessory of minor importance. Nonetheless, opt for cloth shades as they work effectively at blocking light and allow you to dip dye them in various colors to create truly original shades.

colorful pretty seating living room

2. Pick Pretty Seating
You not only want to feel comfortable when you sit, but pretty as well! Warm hues of pink and orange are safe choices of colorful comfort furniture. If you want to get extra creative, create covers for specific cushions so you can alternate between colors and patterns. Sofas that are one color on the outside and a different color for the seating are unique additions that liven up all living rooms.

Mix and Match Furniturecolorful living room

3. Mix and Match Furniture
Dressers, tables, bookshelves—take advantage of the many pieces of furniture that you living room requires, to create an uplifting ambiance. Painting all tables a certain color that contrasts the flooring is a fine choice, but painting the chairs in mismatching colors or varying the color scheme for each shelf on your book stand are other ideas.

colorful lighting living room

4. Light Up Your Life
Lighting is a defining factor that allows you to choose what kind of ambiance you want your living room to have. Warm, yellow lights add a touch of comfort, and fairy lights are becoming ever popular as they provide decorative lighting in many colors and forms (you can now find fairy lights that come disguised as flowers!). A modern reading lamp that towers over an end of a couch can create a heartwarming reading space that invites one to spend their afternoons peacefully. You may want to use your lamps as key accents of your living room, by having them in a bold and quirky color such as red or yellow. Of course, natural lighting is never a bad idea, so you may opt for colorful window frames instead.

colorful paintin art living room

5. Colorful Art
Art is color in its finest form! If you don’t want to spend much money on artsy wall decorations, order a poster print and frame it—it’ll look just as great. Impact pieces in red, blue and yellow immediately attract the eye and give off an impression of the rest of the room so think carefully. Dare a little and look into 3D art that you can hang as well, as they will be conversation starters for sure!

fresh living room idea with plants

6. Plants (lemon trees, air plants, hibiscus, amaryllis, or orchids)
Who said that color is restricted to the eye? Expand your senses and add color to your living room with plants—they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also add an air of sweet sensations that no air freshner can compete with. Hanging plants from the ceiling (called air plants) or keeping mini terrariums are an organic touch that adds vibrant green to any room. If your living room has large windows, not only place plants on the window ledge but outside as well, so your eyes will see color wherever they wander. Tropical plants such as hibiscus and orchids are a beautiful and colorful addition to any home, but don’t be afraid to look at traditional garden plants as well.

white living room with yellow blue and green pillows

7. Throw pillows
If you can’t go with mismatching, colorful sofas and seating, pillows are another way to add color. Keeping the throw pillows a different color from the sofa is a good option, though experiment with variation between the pillows as well. If you want to remain consistent, buy patterned fabric and cover your pillows in them, making each pillow unique but matching will all the rest.

living room with bold colorful carpet

8. Dress Up the Floor
If you don’t want to commit to a colorful carpet, a rug is the perfect alternative for you. Fur rugs can come in every color from red to cream, and they catch the eye from the moment you walk in. Nowadays there are “fake grass” carpets to give a sensation of lushness and exoticism. Circle rugs can also be placed strategically to appear like polka dots, adding to the funkiness of your living room.

living room with blue indigo painting and flower

9. Flowers
It doesn’t take a real bouquet of flowers to give off a sensation of freshness! Fake flowers are always a touch, though you can also use flowers to decorate your living room by framing paintings or pictures of them, or better yet, painting them on the walls in a larger-than-life form. If you enjoy the smell of roses, sprinkle flower petals across the tables or shelves in multiple colors to subtly brighten a room up.

white living room with bright accesories

10. Look For Colorful Accent Pieces
True creativity kicks in at the accent pieces. Don’t over do it though—have only a few accent pieces in your living room, and make sure they don’t clash with the furniture or walls. Retro telephones come in a variety of colors, including pastel blue and salmon pink, and a colorful clock or vase can be a simple, useful addition. You can always opt for sculptures, particularly those of animals that come in a single bright color.

living room with bold yellow coffee table

11. Paint your coffee table
If the morning coffee for your house is like a drinking pool in an African savannah, put an emphasis on the coffee table. Don’t stick to simply one color—get creative and paint the legs of the table a different color from the rest of the furniture. Stripes, flowers, polka dots…the choice is yours on how you wish to decorate that important table.

colorful living room wallpaper

12. Dress your walls with wallpaper.
If you cannot paint the walls, wallpaper is an effective solution that is also easy to remove. Get creative and have two walls that match in color to get a unique effect. Using wallpaper that have two distinct patterns at the top and bottom is a great option, while stripes (preferably in alternating colors) is a great way to brighten the room while creating the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is!

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