10+1 Christmas Home Decorating Styles (70 Pics)

Christmas home decorating ideas

Finding the most suitable Christmas decor style for your home is not an easy job. Rather, you will need to invest time and money for the right atmosphere of these festive days. You are wondering which style is the best for your needs, when there are plenty out there. Worry not! Here are 11 totally unique Christmas home decorating styles for you in order to discover which one fits your home!

Christmas home decor styles

1.  Traditional Red – Classic Look

If you are up for the idea of making first impressions to your guests, the Traditional Red theme is the best pick. Fabric tend to bring out vivid colors more so think draperies, pillows, living room rug or seat covers. Be daring enough and color block with different vivid colors like yellow to accentuate the red theme.

Christmas Tree for traditional Christmas home decor


Red Christmas Mantel for traditional Christmas home decor


Christmas candles for traditional home decor

Image: Pottery Barn

Christmas flowers for traditional home decor

Photo: the yellow cape cod

red Christmas Front Door

2. Vintage Style – Old Fashioned

Old fashioned decorative ornaments are an in-thing now and there is plenty of variety to go with. It is definitely one of the best Christmas home decorating styles you can adopt! Travel back to the 18th century with German Kugels and Dresden Jesters or come back up to the 19th century with Glass Santas or Glass Garlands. Set your dining table with old fashioned cutlery or replace your modern living room table with a vintage chest; old is definitely gold.

Christmas tree in vintage home style

Christmas mantel for vintage Christmas style

Image: from my front porch to yours

Christmas home decorating style

Source: BHG

Stairs with Christmas decorating vintage style

Image: Ranch Dressing

Old fashioned Christmas home table

Picture: HGTV

Christmas door decoration

3. Rustic Christmas home decor 

Rustic adds natural warmth to your decor, tones down a modern theme and helps everyone reconnect with the past. Subtle and earth like colors should guide your rustic theme; the color of wood,the texture from a tree bark…all the colors/textures nature likes to paint with. Think rough-hewn beams or patina surfaces which bring out some old age in your decor.

rustic Christmas decorating tree

Source: just destiny mag

Christmas Mantel with rustic home decor

Picture: The KIm Six Fix

Christmas candles for rustic home decor


Christmas staircase with rustic home style

Source: The Inspired Room

Christmas table with rustic decorating style


Christmas front door with rustic decorating style

Image: The Willows

4. Country Christmas home decorating ideas

This is of the most famous Christmas home decorating styles among country lovers! It’s also known as the English rural style and the main secret is to make your interior look anonymous with lots of different decorative items; most of them old fashioned. Place large portraits of your family on the walls, muted stripes on the drapes, a little bit of checks on the cushion covers and some lively chintz for the upholstery. Mix different colors together and make sure they all marry to form one abstract theme.

Christmas tree for country decorating style

Country Christmas mantel decor

 Country Christmas Tree

Image: The Endearing Home

 Country Christmas Staircase

Idea: Country Living

Country Christmas Dining Table

Image: Mari Erikson Photography

Country Christmas Front Door

Photo: Flickr

5. Contemporary style for Christmas

A contemporary Christmas decor is marked with a casual atmosphere full of neutral colors, items inspired by nature and a geometrical arrangement to suggest space.

Contemporary Christmas Tree

Image: Midwest Living

Contemporary Christmas Mantel

 Scandinavian ChristmasCoffee Table 2Contemporary Christmas Coffee Table

Pictures: Ideal Home December 2015, Cuckoo 4 Design

Contemporary Christmas Staircase

Contemporary Christmas Dining Table

 Contemporary Christmas Front Door

Source: funkyjunkinteriors

6. Simple Christmas home decorating style

In other words, don’t try too hard. Just keep it simple by flanking your entrance door with flower pots, a glass bowl with loads of different fruit in the living room table or stencil letters on the wall wishing everyone a happy festive season. If you are on a budget, this is one lifesaver Christmas decor at your disposal.

simple Christmas tree decoraing idea

Simple Christmas Mantel

Image: the lily pad cottage

Simple Christmas Coffee Table

 Simple Christmas Staircase

Photo: julie blanner

Simple Christmas Dining Table

 Simple Christmas Front Door

7. Scandinavian Christmas ornaments

Scandinavian Christmas decor it’s all about making your interior casually simple and highly functional. The Scandinavian decor puts everything within rich while maintaining an intimate atmosphere for hearty chats to thrive.

Scandinavian Christmas tree decoraating idea

Image: white life

Scandinavian Christmas Mantel

 Scandinavian Christmas coffee table styling

 Scandinavian Christmas Staircase

Scandinavian Christmas Dining Table decorating idea

Idea: Ellos

Scandinavian Christmas Front Door

8. Girly Christmas decorations

How about a pink Christmas tree for a change this year? Use pink ribbons to wrap gifts or highlight cushions, fabric or anything else you can think of. Let your Christmas tree standout with bright fantasy colors and fill the room with candy sprinkles. Quite a unique interior decor idea if you are spending this festive seasons with your girls.

girl Christmas tree

 Girly Christmas Mantel

Image: style your sense
Girly Christmas Coffee Table

Idea: Nelly Vintage Home

Girly Christmas Staircase

Image: Selina Lake

 Girly Christmas Front Door

Source: HGTV

9. Glamour Christmas home decor

Glamour equals lots of sparkles like a scene from a fairy-tale story. Cover the living room with glittery wallpaper, use sparkly vintage ornaments in random places and a shiny silver plate with golden eggs on the living room table. Add fluffy Christmas teddy bears by the fireplaces and cups of candy canes on shelves.

Glamour Christmas Tree

 Glamour Christmas Mantel

Glamour Christmas Coffee Table

 Glamour Christmas Staircase

 gold glamour Christmas dining table decoration

Photo: Front Gate

glabour elegant gold Christmas front door decor

Image: AT HOME

10. Coastal Christmas home decorating styles

Not spending Christmas by the beach doesn’t mean you can’t bring that coastal feel to your home. Add a string of polished oyster shells on your fireplace or a huge coral shell filled with marbles on your living room table. Add some sea urchins to your tree and warm up the dining table with shelled candles. Throw in some more painted shells in random places to fully elevate that coastal feel to your home.

Coastal Christmas Tree

Image: Photography and Styling by ©Kara Rosenlund

Coastal Christmas Mantel

 coastal Christmas coffee table decor

Coastal Christmas Staircase

Idea: Coastal Living

coastal beach Christmas dining table decoration idea

Image:  HGTVcoastal Christmas front door decor

11. Eclectic Christmas home decor

You can also call it the DIY Christmas decor. Make your dining area pop with silver bulbs hanging off chairs and ribbon-laced napkins under the dining cutlery. Then you need natural tree branches and lots of them; a small pot of rosemary on the living room table, bits of fresh leaves hanging off Christmas trees or the fireplace. Use hand painted gift wraps for presents or add hand drawn geisha girl portraits on walls. Another amazing low budget idea to try out.

eclectic style Christmas decorating idea

 eclectic Christmas MantelEclectic Christmas Mantel

Eclectic Christmas Coffee Table

Photos: lifeingrace

 Eclectic Christmas Staircase

 Eclectic Christmas Dining Table

Image:  Katie Gavigan Interiors

Eclectic Christmas Front Door

Picture: Frontgate

Christmas elegant decorating ideas 4

Christmas elegant decorating ideas 2 Christmas elegant decorating ideas 3

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