10 Ways To Work The Cactus Trend

cactus interior design trend idea

Most of us share the same concepts and beliefs, ‘new year, new things.’ Or at least, we try to. One of the best ways to feel as if surrounded by greatness or a better environment is to have the best interior design you can afford. The good news is that the latest cacti trend also includes minimalists. Already, several renowned interior design professionals vouch that cactus is a must have this year.

Image: Amanda Barnes Interiors

Tips and Advice: Why the Cactus Trend?
The most important factor to bear in mind when selecting your perfect interior design is the ability to be creative. You don’t want to wake up three months down the line feeling overwhelmed with the desire to change your entire interior design. Therefore, the cactus trend becomes perfect. It provides versatility and flexibility for you to flip and change the look in your home without a complete makeover. Here are ten ways which you can work the cactus trend:

cactus interior design trend idea 2Image: get the look! pimp your room

-Curate them for a classic look

-Scatter them around for a touch of cacti here and there

-Contrast them with glamorous metallics in different colors

– Go big! Supersize them and even add them to wallpaper

-Think outside the box, incorporate rose-gold accessories to color block with your cactus
-Select a striking to liven up monochrome by going black, white, and grey with green cacti

-Make them look natural and pair them with beautiful marbles

-Compliment the cacti by incorporating mushroom into the arrangement

-Be artistic, make a bold statement by using dry cacti
– Go for the practical but pretty look, make it uniquely yours by adding a feminine or masculine color.

cactus interior design trend idea 4 cactus interior design trend idea 3

cactus interior design trend idea 5

Image: Kate La Vie

cactus interior design trend idea 6

Image: Carley Summers

For years on ends, interior decor meant sharp hexagonal and octagonal tiles occasionally contrasted by neutral designs. It was only in the last decade that illuminating designs started making their way into interior designing. The inner glow is back in the picture with sunny rooms painted in yellows and mustards. Homeowners are crazy over having an oval room blue in their living rooms, kitchens, and patios. However, from these, the currently trending interior decor matching and complimenting the cactus trend is none other than courtyard green. You can select from the light olive to dark emerald green to lime-minty green. Any green basically brings a breath of fresh air that undoubtedly blends in with cacti in any arrangement.
Conclusion: Incorporating The Cactus Style into your HomeBasically, incorporating a cacti collection into your home brings about excitement. Join the bandwagon and liven up your house by bringing a huge part of nature into your home. These 10 ways listed are just a basic guideline. Be creative and let your imagination run wild. For all you care, you can have white cacti!

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