10 Tips for Decorating Your Entryway Console Table Like a Pro

Making an impressive first impression with the right entryway console table decor

When someone comes to your house and walks in the front door the first place they will be is your home’s entryway. You want to make a great first impression and one way to do that is to ensure your have stellar decor. One key element of this is your console table in the entryway. Here are ten tips to decorate your entryway console table like a pro!

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Entryway Console Table Decor Ideas and Tips

Tip 1: Lighting

A dark entryway is a dreary place to walk into. Both illuminate the area and draw attention to your console table with a nice light. Picking a lamp that matches the theme of your house will look wonderful. Should the home’s design be modern a nice sleek and contemporary lamp is perfect just as a more rustic house will benefit from a classic lantern on the console table.

Tip 2: Pictures

You don’t want your entryway to feel like it could be in any random house, so add a personal touch by putting some pictures of yourself, family, and friends on the console table. When your guests walk into your house and see those sweet, smiling faces they’ll feel the love and warmth.

Tip 3: A Book or Two

When someone is coming into your house you might be nervous about potential discussion-subjects. By having a book or two places upon your entryway console table you can be sure they will, “Just happen,” to see some interesting title, and when they comment upon it you can talk about the book and how much you liked it or disliked it. Put out the latest bestseller that’s getting lots of headlines, or a textbook about a particular subject you know a lot about and would love to share your opinions about. Just don’t go too heavy on the books as a console table isn’t a shelf!

Tip 4: A Craft You Made

Should you love making pottery, crocheting, or any other kind of DIY project, having one you’ve finished or are in the process of perfecting sitting upon your console table in the entryway can be a great way to illustrate to guests your talents and skills. Once someone asks, “Where did you get that incredible vase?” you can beam with pride when you tell them YOU in fact made it.

Tip 5: Flowers and Succulents

Add some life to your console table in the entryway with a literal piece of plant-life! Flowers not only can look gorgeous but their smell can help make a room a lot less stuffy. Should you have concerns about your guests being sensitive to certain kinds of scents, succulents always look fantastic without being overwhelming or drawing too much attention to themselves upon an expertly-decorated console table.

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Tip 6: Always Go With an Anchor

Every console table worth its salt has an anchor of some sorts, could be a big painting or a large mirror, which other accessories gather around like a focal point. While choosing an anchor, it’s wise to go with matching shades for a seamless transition from top to bottom although you can also pull off contrasting colors if you pair them nicely. For instance, a shouting hue such as red can be beautifully toned down by white. If you go with a multicolored painting, the bottom half of the table should preferably adopt a calm tone such as grey.

Tip 7: Don’t Neglect The Table’s Underbelly

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Many heavily focus on decorating above the table when in fact what’s underneath it is just as important. You can brighten up this area with lighting accessories or preferably play it safe with seating poufs, an alluring X-bench, and anything along the line of extra but beautiful seating space. This way, you hit two birds with one stone.

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Tip 8: Also, Don’t Be Afraid To Go Above The Table

Do you have a vase plant that towers above everything else around it? Well, add that to the mix as well! If not, go for a table lamp for that added elevation. Many people are scared of adding height to the presentation, but it can accentuate the aesthetics. However, be sure to keep huge items to the side away from the anchor. Alternatively, you could raise the anchor a little higher up the wall to ensure it remains the center of attraction.

Tip 9: The Symmetrical Placing Of Objects Works Wonders

Don’t place too many accessories on the table lest it comes off as cramped. The general rule of thumb is that less is more.

Tip 10:You can also pull it off with asymmetrical décor

Asymmetrical combinations can be tricky to nail down, so to speak, but when executed right, they can be equally appealing as the above arrangement, sometimes even more. The ideal placing dictates to have shorter items to one side and taller ones on the other and small accessories in between to bridge the distance. For example, you can have a table lamp on the left, a short vase on the right, and a few candles or books in the middle.

Lastly, remember to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to throw your personality into the mix. Much like any other piece of furniture in your home, own your console table with lots of intimate touches to ensure it typifies the real you.

Mix, Match, and Personalize your entryway console table decor

These ten tips are not meant to be taken in isolation, feel free to mix and match suggestions. When it comes to the console table in your entryway you will have decorated like a pro after taking the advice within this article!

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