10 Stunning Grey and White Kitchen Design Ideas

grey and white kitchen

Are you looking for some gorgeous inspiration for grey and white kitchen ideas? Well, look no further. Here is a list of 10 kitchen renovations – all done in varying shades of grey and white. While they may have the same basic color scheme, these kitchens all stand out from the crowd. From neutral, rustic accents to luxurious, fancy gold hardware – get the inspiration you need for your next home project.

Grey and white kitchen: examples you will love

white kitchen with grey details

Stunning Simple Grey and White Kitchen

This stunning project by studio MCGEE, arose from the homeowner’s desires for a white and gold kitchen. Designers took this one step further and added grey custom cabinetry on the bottom. Calcutta marble backsplash stretches up to the ceiling for a dramatic look. And, gold hardware tops this elegant and airy look.

light grey kitchen cabinets

DIY Grey, White and Gold Kitchen 

Sara Davis’ kitchen may look like a high dollar job. But, it has some DIY touches that can give any space a feeling of luxury. The cabinetry is ready-to-assemble, which can be a huge money saver. One wall features easy-to-install open shelving with gold hardware. And the dining room sets it all off with a DIY paneled wall.

white cabinets and wooden flooring

Family Inspired Grey and White Luxury Kitchen 

This modern kitchen by Wittney Parkinson, still has a cozy family feeling to it. Depth is created with pops of color on a neutral foundation. Lush textures and gold accents give this grey and white kitchen an upscale feel. Matching marble counters and backsplash allow for bolder design moves with cabinetry and hardware.

grey and white kitchen

Simple Chic Kitchen With Modern Farmhouse Style Touches

This chic kitchen by Vantage Design Studio, in a small one bedroom condo feels much bigger than it actually is. Clean lines and an open concept give it the feeling of wide space. Simple hanging globe lights look elegant but allow for more drama in other areas, like custom tile on the vent hood and wood finishes for the cabinets.

gray cabinet under a sink

Simple Elegant Grey and White Kitchen

Another great kitchen design by Vantage Design Studio. The simple cabinets in this kitchen take a back seat to the intricate white backsplash. The recurring theme of gold hardware is also here, giving this kitchen a simply elegant finish. The over sink light is modern and funky, yet doesn’t take over the room. This is simply a great kitchen with grey cabinets, and there are many reasons why you should choose thsi type.

gray cabinets and white tiles

Bohemian Grey and White Kitchen

Liz Morrow‘s small kitchen is given space and depth with white up top for the backsplash and cabinets and deep charcoal, almost black, down below. Neutral colored countertops and wooden open shelving keep this kitchen feeling natural. The beautiful Moroccan rug offers a splash of color with a comfy bohemian feel.

wooden stools and gray cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Style

If you love mid-century modern design, then this kitchen is for you. A solid marble island with marble “waterfall” design is the showpiece of this kitchen. Simple white cabinets with one area of grey keeps this kitchen feeling modern and funky.

white and gray kitchen

Transitional Kitchen with Marble Herringbone Tiles

This kitchen by Lindsay Chambers, feels fancy yet rustic. It could be found in a farm house or a city penthouse. Natural textures accompany the classic grey and white foundation. However, the backsplash steals the show here. Making one area a showpiece and keeping the rest simple can really make a big statement.

dark gray color in kitchen

Traditional Grey and White Kitchen

Sarah‘s grey and white kitchen has a beautiful traditional feel with hints of rustic charm. Dark grey cabinets on the lower half only make this room feel grand. White up top with a wooden island and other splashes of wood textures keep it feeling light and airy. Simply lovely.

light grey and white cabinets

Luxurious Kitchen

This lovely kitchen by elms interior design, features custom cabinetry with a beautiful kitchen island. Simple white cabinets up top, oak stools, and white picket style backsplash tiles. The light grey on bottom gives a feeling of depth without being overwhelming. Gold hardware and accents keep this kitchen feeling luxurious.

white cabinets and white tiles

Hopefully, this top ten list of stunning grey and white kitchens has given you some great design inspiration. You can make small changes like hardware to really change the overall feel. Also you can take on bigger DIY projects to create big change on a budget. The options are boundless.

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