Amazing Loft With Brick Walls and High Ceiling

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This spacious loft with brick walls was designed by Konstantinos Aninos, to be both beautiful and very comfortable. Its interior design looks very modern but at the same time cozy. The ceiling is very high, which makes the space look bigger.

Bricks on the wall create warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home from the first moment you enter this loft. There are two big windows that bring natural light and offer a great view. The whole loft is very luminous. Colors that dominate in this loft are natural colors, such as beige and grey. Brick walls make a nice contrast and bring more liveliness to the space. Also, the center of the room is occupied by large white couch and a sofa.

Why choose a loft with brick walls like this?

Simply because t seems very cozy and there is enough space for many people. This living room was designed for organizing family gatherings, fun nights with friends and parties. It seems like a very welcoming and inviting home interior. The sofa is decorated with black and white cushions that make a beautiful contrast. You can also see a coffee table, black and decorated with beautiful details on it. Indeed, the whole space is very carefully designed. And there is enough space to put the book you are reading or a cup of coffee near you. There is also a black lamp that is a perfect match with the table.

A perfect final touch is the pink chair! It makes the place look more sophisticated and elegant. When it comes to decoration, there are a lot of flowers and candles that make the room look nicer. You can see that it was decorated with a lot of attention and dedication. Overall impression is that this loft has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It makes you want to relax after a long day of work and simply enjoy your environment. It is also very artistic and inspiring.

Under the stairs there is a green corner. There are a lot of plants that bring freshness and touch of nature to this modern loft. Just looking at that corner makes you more energized. There is also area designed for games, perfect for playing games with your friends. Once again, the space is perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones.

This loft is very beautiful and welcoming. There is a nice combination of colors that seems very refreshing and relaxing. Whole space looks as if it was inviting you to have a great time and create new memories with your family and friends.

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