10 Most Stylish Decorative Trash Cans On Amazon

It is one of life’s great truths that wherever there are people, there is trash. Unfortunately, finding places to dispose of this trash, without compromising on your well-thought-out decor, can be a challenge. But don’t despair! Trash cans¬†are not as ugly as they used to be. There are actually some genuinely beautiful decorative trash cans out there that won’t break the bank.


The Best Decorative Trash Cans On Amazon

Image: Martyna


1. Umbra Woodrow, $25.00. This is a modern, stylish, and clean trash can. With a wood finish interior and a variety of exterior colors, this trash can will fit right in with any color scheme. It is perfect for the home office or the living room.


2. Umbra Metalla, $21.05. Another trash can from Umbra that is just as stylish as the Woodrow, but this time with a metallic finish. This trash can is simple, clean, and discreet. You could even use it as a planter if you decide it is too pretty to have trash in it!


3. PU Leather Trash Can Peacock, $29.99. This trash can is simply a work of art! It features a peacock design that will give any living space a touch of the art gallery. Rather than trying to make your trash can hide away, why not make it a beautiful feature?


4. Ruffles, $48.09. This is a lovely white ceramic trash can with an embroidered look. It can bring a touch of elegance to your living space, office, or bathroom.


5. iDesign Franklin Trash Can, $7.99. This trashcan looks like it just stepped out of a tech start-up’s office. And if you want your space to have a modern feel, this trash can could be just for you!


6. Bamboo Rectangular Trash Basket, $24.99. Another decorative trash can from iDesign, and with just as much of a modern feel. The most unique element of this trash can is its rectangular shape. There is no reason why a trash can has to be circular, especially when square looks this good.


7. Vintage Copper Trash Can, $41.99. This decorative trash can is compact, so is perfect to fit into any smaller or awkward spaces. It has a hammered copper feel, which will give your room a classy and timeless feel.


8. Midcentury Modern Brass Plated, $29.99. It quite simply looks like no other trash can out there. With a beautiful, intricate brass-plated design, and an industrial feel, this trash makes the difference.


9. Kraftware Polished Brass, $33.75. This trash can is made of plastic, so won’t get tarnished if it is used in your bathroom, but with a brass polished look. So if you’re looking for style AND function, this is the trash can for you.


10. KOUBOO La Jolla Ratta, $59.50. If you are fan of boho chic style then this trash can is for you. The rattan look is stylish and it has features like a lid, which will stop your trash cluttering up your room, and a plastic insert to make cleaning and maintenance SO much easier.


You really can find a decorative trash can that will add to your room, rather than detracting from it. Whatever the feel of your living space, office, or bathroom, you can find a stylish trash can that will fit right in!

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