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10 Most Impressive House Ceiling Designs

glass ceiling tiny green house by Micky Muennig

 While most homes have simple and white ceilings, a well-designed ceiling can make a difference. Check out this collection of 10 Most Impressive House Ceiling Designs.

1. Great glass ceiling on this gorgeous, 1970’s tiny house designed by architect  Mickey Muennig. Perfect for spend a night watching the stars.

house ceiling mural painted by David Faust

2. This is a mural painted by David Faust for designer Marc Ecko’s home . It’s done on a recessed dome ceiling on the second floor, but is actually visible from the ground floor because there is a hole through the second floor (hence the railing).

 modern design light bulb on the ceiling

3. Dmitry Kul‘s ceiling design is awesome! He puts a bare light bulb on the ceiling. 

rounded bookcase on the ceiling

4. A rounded bookcase on the ceiling? This is an amazing idea designed by Travis Price Architects for Wade Davis’ Writing Studio. Wade Davis has one of the most coveted jobs in America – Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society. He whimsically calls the space his “Navajo kiva of knowledge.”

plants on glass house ceiling

5. Ficus carica (the plants) makes a breathtaking display of aerial greenery filling the glass dome of what was once a chapel. Tradition has it that the dome was built round the tree.

high ceiling with wood beams and a circular bookcase a

6. Another solution for booklovers, a great high ceiling with wood beams and a circular bookcase all around the living room.

contemporary house ceiling contemporary house ceiling lined with reeds

7. Would never expect that a ceiling lined with reeds would look so cool? Reed ceiling board originally created to simulate the underside of a traditional thatched roof, these boards are now often used to add a tropical atmosphere. Check out the rest of the Comfortable and Relaxing Summer House.

Fresh and contemporary house ceiling

8. Fresh and contemporary ceiling at Fez House designed by talented architect Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira.

Photo: FG+SG Architectural Photography

 Old stone ceiling and contemporary furniture

9. Old stone ceiling and contemporary furniture. The space has been brought into modern times yet still feels like we’re peeking into a stone home of a fairytale character.

Via thekitchn

ninimalist house ceiling

10. New York architects Multiplicities have designed a house for Inner Mongolia, China as part of the Ordos 100 project. Lighting plays the main part in the minimalist style. The ceiling is designed to allow natural light into the space.

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