10 Ideas For Decorating A Rustic Bedroom

A comfortable, peaceful, and stylish space with basic old-fashioned decor is called rustic style. Rustic style has been very famous in recent years due to its simple yet beautiful features that can turn a normal bedroom into a stylish one. Usually, the ideas are taken from barns or cabins but some are given modern themes to suit their liking. Today we will list 10 ideas for decorating a rustic bedroom.

Rustic Bedroom Ideas

These ideas will give you are countryside look but without leaving the city. Here are the ideas.

1) Log cabin idea


When we say rustic bedroom the first thing that comes to our mind is the cabin. The wooded cabin design can be brought here by using some headboard at the edge of the bed. You can also go the distance by replacing the whole room from stone to wood and bringing the natural life of living in a cabin.

2) Fireplace

rustic bedroom with stone fireplace and wood library

A fireplace is one of the first things you will find in a farmhouse or barn. Bring a warm feel into your bedroom by creating a fireplace on the corner of your bedroom. You can do this using a stacked stone design. But be sure to have enough place and proper ventilation to let the air out of the bedroom.

3) Layer texture


If you have a white bedroom and cannot afford to make it wooded, you can layer some texture to the existing room. You can have a colorful carpet, a rug, or even a blanket that can suit the theme of a rustic bedroom to change the mood from flat to joyful.

4) Stone wall


Another way of making your bedroom rustic is to use a stone wall but make it exposed. This will bring the natural look of the countryside with a modern touch. This will suit the best to people who do not wish to change the whole room into a cabin. Do not use the too much-exposed stone wall, just a portion of the bedroom to bring beauty.

5) Chandelier


Using a chandelier is one of the best things to do when you are sleeping. Use the chandelier right on top of the bed to give that rustic look. You can use wrought iron chandeliers to give a modern touch or you can go for a wood beam chandelier for a more countryside touch. You can also use a faux antler chandelier or candle chandelier to give a stunning look.

6) Lighting


Normally bedrooms have lighting, but how about we change the modern style to an old-fashioned table lamp. Use a rattan table lamp with a handwoven feature to give that countryside look.

7) Repurpose


You can always create a room with a rustic look or you can repurpose existing items to a rustic look. Go to a flea market and you can get tons of things that add a rustic look to your room. A wooden chest instead of a table, a folding frame instead of a normal frame, and a hanging lamp instead of a normal lamp.

8) Shiplap paneling

modern wustic bedroom with shiplap paneling

Try this type of paneling if you have a smaller room. Rather than going all out, you can make this panel in a vertical or horizontal style to give that guaranteed rustic look. Use it on one portion of the wall only to make it look peaceful.

9) Linen bedding

rustic Linen bedding

You can use this type of bedding to bring a breathable life due to its fabric. This will give you better sleep and at the same time will make you feel like in the countryside due to its simple nature.

Image: Linen bed cover

10) Wallpaper

rustic bedroom with white  herringbone wood wallpaper

If you don’t have the budget then go for wallpaper instead. These are a fine addition to your room and the type of wallpaper you choose will add to the rustic look. You can choose barn wood wallpaper, flower wallpaper, or normal wood wallpaper.

Image: Herringbone wood wallpaper


There are many ideas you can choose to have a more peaceful and comfortable life if you are staying in busy and stressful city life. Change your bedroom and change your life now.

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