10 Ideas To Steal From The Best Interior Stylists

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Regardless of the type of space you want to decorate, whether a whole house or one room, it’s good to know a few clever interior design tips to give your creativity that “wow” factor.

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There are a few very popular interior design tricks that interior design professionals use that can easily be achieved with minimal cost and effort. In fact, it’s those small, strategically placed interior accents that create that best impact. It could be a unique vase or lamp, or a colorful chandelier or accent rug. Perhaps your idea is to alter the ambiance of the space without actually changing the furnishings. Anything is possible with a little creativity and determination!

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Interior decoration is gaining momentum and there are a several reasons for the increase in popularity:

-First, it’s economical sound to do as much as you can yourself. If you adore viewing the photos of beautifully decorated spaces on the vast number of websites available online, or peering through your favorite glossy interior decorating magazine, you probably want your space to look like what you see on those photos. If you don’t have the budget, doing-it-yourself is one of the best ways to get the look you want.

-Secondly, you can add your own unique personal touch. There’s nothing like taking a pillow and adding a ribbon, buttons, or tying the edges together to create a new contour. In most cases, you will create your own style and no one else will have it!

-Thirdly, you can create your own interior style at your leisure, and change your mind if you feel like it without the piercing eye of a disgruntled hired professional.

So what do the professionals have to say?

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1. Keep Your Surroundings In Mind
Take into account your design limitations and the dimensions of the space you want to decorate. For example, don’t place a large grotesque statue on the surface of a small dining room table.

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2. Personify Your Space
Your interior space should reflect who you are, which includes everyone who lives in the home as well. The best way to objectify this is to include accessories that showcase the inhabitant’s interests and hobbies.

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3. Main Attraction
When decorating your space, create a focal point. The focal point will set the vibe and bring the whole look together.

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4. Bringing It All Together
It may not be necessary to completely redo every room. Some rooms may only require a lick of paint or a rearrangement of furniture. Don’t forget about accent pieces like throw-rugs or fresh flowers.


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5. Reckless Buying
Steer clear of “reckless buying.” Have a plan or a firm idea of how you want your space to look. This way, your finished look will all come together.

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6. Use Mirrors To Your Advantage
Mirrors can be used to enlarge a small space and create natural light when placed directly across from a window.
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7. Paint Smaller Rooms In Softer Pastel Colors
Darker shades can make a small room appear even smaller. Use lighter, pastel colors to enlarge the space and reflect natural light.

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8. Be Bold And Mix-It-Up
Don’t be afraid to mix the old and new. For example, don’t be shy about framing a modern art photograph with an old frame. What’s important is that you decorate your home with what reflects those who live there. That old antique styled sofa may look spiffy with several modern geometrically designed pillows. There is no reason why the past and present cannot complement each other within the same space.

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9. Soften Hardwood Floors With Accent Rugs
If you prefer hardwood floors but wish to add a bit of depth and contrast to the energy of the room, place an accent rug to add color and personality to the space. Hardwood floors require little maintenance and are beautiful when taken care of properly. However, sometimes on their own they can appear somewhat stoic and plain. An accent rug will add the right amount of color and texture and create a sociable and jovial atmosphere. If you have young children in the home, be sure to purchase a rug that is washable and easy to clean.

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10. The End Justifies The Means
Keep your ideal or “the setting you are trying to create” in mind. Don’t be too concerned about inconsequential details. Focus on the finished look. Surprisingly, this will help you expand your ideas and creativity.

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TIP: Try to picture an empty room and consider its potential. You should be intuitive and use your imagination to envision the concept and the outcome you desire. This will help you reach your goal faster and you will be more satisfied with the results.

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