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The Cultural Influence Can Be Felt Throughout This Home

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The cultural components of homes designed on a particular theme take in the characteristics of that culture while adding an individual touch from those who live in that specific dwelling. This home’s interior by Willets Design, touches on various cultural themes, especially that of a Spanish or Moroccan type.

For a number of centuries, Spanish, Moroccan, and even African style architecture has had an influence on edifices around the world. From the instantly recognizable stucco walls and arched doorways to high ceilings and terracotta entryways, this home’s cultural influence has enhanced the warmth and affability of the well-designed space.

The interior and exterior of this residence is magnificently constructed. For example, the outside entryway has two Doric columns (which are actually of Greek orientation) that lead to two narrow wooden doors, which takes whoever enters to a world of sophistication and elegance.

The living room area takes on a neutral tone with large windows that opens up the space and provides a picturesque view. The open floor plan gives the space the right amount of mobility and entertainment possibilities. Family or visitors can relax while a luscious meal is being cooked in the kitchen, which is always a pleasurable atmosphere. The host can easily indulge everyone, creating a light-hearted joyous mood. Food has a way of brining out the warmth in others, and this home is designed to do just that.

The room built around a terracotta-burned brick shade is more akin to a reading room. A place where the inhabitants can go off alone and reminisce, study, or just chill out and let the moment guide them. The décor in this room certainly has an ethnic feel to it as the accents all around the room can substantiate that. The energy is dark but not daunting. The aura has richness about it and the décor is welcoming and comfy.

There’s a complete switch in the bedroom area. It’s bright and wonderfully decorated with hues of neutral beige, whites, and cream. The accessories are minimal and the wingback chair with the Louie XV legs is a wonderful contrast to all the other modern trappings in the room.

The bathroom décor is refined and practical. It resembles a safari holiday home similar to a gorgeous bungalow in the middle of the wilds of Africa.

In the remainder of the home, the stage is set. The view is magnanimous with two chairs facing the scene as if a 3D movie were about to play. If there ever were a “wow” factor for homes with phenomenal sensations, this home displays it well!

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