10 Fall Decorations That Highlight The Season

Fall Decorations That Highlight The Season

Now that the days are becoming shorter and the temperatures a little cooler, it’s about time to bring some warmth and coziness back into your home. Bringing the beauty of fall into your home décor is inspiring. The colors are beautiful, the shapes of objects are unique, and there are so many clever tricks and easy DIY projects to really spice-up your fall decorations.

Whether your idea of great fall decorations include a festive centerpiece, a beautiful decoration on your door, a seasonal wall hanging, or anything in between, there are endless possibilities, here are a 10 to get you started.
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1. Harmonizing Colors
Create a huge impact with your fall décor by taking advantage of harmonizing colors. Take a vase that complements the color of the leaves you use for double the impact. Stay with warm and bright colors like cool yellows and oranges.

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2. Fall Wreath
Dress up your door with a beautiful fall wreath.

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3. Woodland Spectacular
Transform russet-orange roses into a fall accessory by adding woodland inspired intricacies. Acorns and fern-fronds add a forest type ambiance, granting the roses a more organic energy. Be daring and wrap your vase in a wood looking wrapping paper and tie at the top with organic string.

Image: BHG

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4. Natural Gradient 
As leaves change into wondrous colors during the fall, remember that those altering shades are ideal for fall themed décor. Arrange them by color creating a natural hue gradient. 

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5. Fall Combination
Take a number of fall styles and make your table set blossom by draping your table in a tartan-flannel tablecloth. Enhance it with seasonal produce like small gourds, pumpkins, apples, and garnish the arrangement with flowers. Accents in cozy shades like orange, yellow, red, and brown tops off the fall-inspired look. 

Image: Eddie Ross

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6. Etch Your Pumpkins
Dress up your front yard by creatively etching your house number, name, or initials into a pumpkin. 

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7. Re-invent Canning Jars
Take canning jars without the labels and use a cord kit to illuminate each jar. Supply them with a dimmer and hang each one at a different height. They create the perfect ambiance of rustic and industrial. The look is eye-catching, especially around greenery. 

Image: Country Living

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8. Trading Places 
As the seasons transform outside, the décor in your home can too. One simple and artistic way to create a soothing fall style decoration is by swapping normal accessories for ones with texture. For example, take an ordinary lampshade and replace it with a textured one made from linen or burlap. 

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9. Chestnut Beauty
Surround a plain candle in a bowl with chestnuts, berries, nuts, acorns, and other fall beauties of nature to create a stunning centerpiece.

Image: livelaughrowe

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10. Fall Kitchen Display
Decorate your glass kitchen shelves by tucking a pumpkin amongst displayed dishware. Whatever color dishware you have, the pumpkin will blend flawlessly and add a touch of natural texture.

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