10 Chalet Chic Living Room Ideas For Ultimate Luxury And Comfortable Appeal

chalet chic living room with special chandelier

What is your notion to keep your living room warm and cosy in the colder winter months? Do you know the current interior design trends this season? Well, the route to the warmest of current winter decorating style is the Ultra Chalet Chic style! Lots of wood, brassy eye-catchers, Alpine accents, alluring items for cuddling, and bit of rustic charm. These are the ingredients for this phenomenal decorating style. So, here are the 10 chalet chic living room ideas! Stave off those winter blues and have a stylish living room with a warming and welcoming ambience!

These chalet chic living room ideas will inspire you


french chalet chic living room

1. Natural Color Palette

How about creating depth and interest in your living room? Yes, this is the most imperative thing to get the chalet look right! Natural shades with warming undertones like, honey beige and oak, with caramel browns and soft creams will ensure that the ambience of your living room is kept cosy yet graceful. You can also bring in darker shades from stylish black table books to chestnut brown pillows on the couch.


chalet chic living room with candles

2. Alpine-Fresh Fragrance

Do you like ambient mood fragrances? Well, go the extra mile to add a fragrance to your living room that resembles the fresh and pure scent of the mountains. Pick up candles and essential oils with balsamic, spruce fir, pine, lemon balm, and juniper berry fragrance to create an uplifting and energizing ambience.

Image: Esatto

Faux Fur decor

3. Faux Furs

Want a cabin chic style living room? Use faux furs as throws on your sofas to keep your living room in style. This will create an instant chalet chic luxury style and warm look.


texture ideas for living room

4. Texture

How about offsetting the warm tones of your living room? Sounds interesting? Try stylish chalet look by contrasting different textures of your living room. Add tactile soft furnishings, and layer different hues with contrasting textures for a completed look. Metallic touches can also add a cooling tinge of magnetism to this interior style.

elegant lighting in living room

5. Elegant Lighting Scheme

Do you wish to create a glowing ambience in an instant? Well, this is one of the best chalet decorating ideas! A calming atmospheric lighting will ensure cosy and elegant feel. Alongside sofas, white lights can help to refresh the space.

Image: cashmere interior design studio

living room wall decor

6. Pictures On The Wall

Sounds Easy? When you will begin decorating, it will be easier than you think! Just select wooden picture frameworks in chalet chic, and within those frames place blackand white pictures with Alpine themes. This will bring a special comfort and ambience in your living room.

chalet chic living room pillow idea

7. Showcase Animal Love

Are you an animal lover? Well, it is time to let your love for them show in through your living room decoration. Use pillows with digitally printed animal photographs on your sofa and armchairs. Forest creatures and wild animals fit in great with chalet style.

chalet chic ralph lauren living room

8. Cosy Table

Well, chalet style means a friendly raclette, and family and friends gathered around a huge table where you can converse. For this, it is certainly worthwhile to decorate your living room with a large wooden table.

chalet stone fireplace

9. Horns Of Oodles

Does that sound thrilling? You will be surprised to know this is a key element of chalet style decoration Antlers incorporated on the wall of the living room add natural character to your space. They will instantly connect your living room with nature.


contemporary chic chalet living room

10. Contemporary Touch

How about mixing the old with the new? Try this out! Cover the floor of your living room with soft carpets, wicker bowls and baskets filled with natural objects like stones, wood, and pone cones, put brown curtains on your windows, and add table lamps on corners.

Image: deconow

Chalet chic decorating style is an extremely elegant idea! It will not only give a visually warmer effect, but also help to accentuate your living room. So, what are you waiting for? Try it right away and create an ultimate chalet chic look!

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