10 True Classic Living Room Ideas

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While classic style is usually used to describe classic paintings and classic novels, classic living room ideas are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. The classic look may seem boring as it is often associated with old-fashioned furnishings; however classic interior design creates a relaxing atmosphere, which can be very stylish as well.

Although classic architecture and classic furniture look great in traditional homes, modern homeowners can also use these timeless elements to decorate their living rooms if they want to achieve that cozy and tranquil look. Everyone wants his or her home to be warm and inviting; therefore we gathered 10 true classic living room ideas for those who want their interiors to reflect elegance and sophistication without compromising comfort:


1) Combine two classic styles: classic upholstery and classic fireplace

As classic style refers to classic architecture and classic furniture, it is very difficult to find a living room design that features two classic styles. However, if you combine classic upholstery with a classic fireplace your living room will be as stylish as it gets!

So forget about those modern couches and headboards decorated with contemporary motifs; classic chairs with upholstered seats look elegant and inviting especially when they flank a classical fireplace mantel. Opt for gray or blackish upholstery, which can make any modern home feel timeless and sophisticated without being stuffy or outdated.


2) Classic bookshelves

Combining classic style with modern accents has never been easier! In fact, all you have to do is to include classic bookshelves in your living room design. Get rid of those modern thin shelves and replace them with classic dark wooden bookshelves. Add some classic leather-bound books and a couple of classic Tiffany lamps and you’ll be surprised how stylish yet inviting your home can look!


3) Classic chairs with classic curtains

One of the easiest ways to achieve classic style is to include classic chairs in your living room decor. However, if you want your interior to look as classic as possible then try combining classic chairs with classic luxurious drapes. This timeless combination will give character to any living room, no matter what style it already features.

Combine ivory or cream-colored drapes with black chairs for an airy look However, it is advisable to use classic black or classic red curtains elsewhere.


4) Classic leather sofa

If you want your classic living room ideas to be “classic”, then go for classic leather sofas! Rich classic leather, especially a classic brown leather sofa, can be combined with classic armchairs. Opt for classic dark wooden legs and classic lamps to complete the look.

Image: House Beautiful


5) Create a classic silhouette with classic wallpapers

The classic style has a lot to do with classic silhouettes and classic shapes, which is why you have to choose classic wallpapers for your living room walls – either silk wallpaper or classic striped wallpaper. Silk wallpaper is always a good choice as it brings a sense of luxury and timeless elegance into your home decor.

If you want to create a classic silhouette with classic curves, then opt for classic striped wallpaper instead of classic floral or classic geometric designs. Combine classic patterns on the walls with modern furniture and smaller details such as contemporary flower arrangements, sofas with contemporary upholstery, chairs with sleek lines, and modern coffee tables decorated with vases filled with fresh flowers.


6) Classic mirror over a classic fireplace

A classic mirror above the mantel is an old classic living room idea that never goes out of style! If you’re tired of modern mirrors and want to give your living room an old-fashioned touch, then choose a classic Victorian mirror for your mantle. Then combine it with classic furniture such as classic armchairs or classic sofas and add some classic picture frames – either oval, square, or rounded – for a timeless look.

Don’t forget classic accessories such as classic chess sets and classical books, which will complete this stylish yet welcoming look.


7) A classic chandelier above a classic fireplace

Combining two classics can be very challenging. However, if you opt for a different approach by combining classic furniture with classic accessories, the outcome will prove to be both classic and inviting. For example, you can create a classic silhouette with classic wallpapers and combine it with classic features such as a classic chandelier above the fireplace mantel.

Image: New York Times

This timeless combination is not only elegant but also very inviting and brings character into your home decor without causing clutter or making your room feel oppressive.


8) A classical floor lamp

Another classic living room idea is classic floor lamps. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit any classic interior. Opt for classic styles such as the classic tripod, classic turned, classic Louis XVI, or a simple yet elegant classic design with a curved stem and a straight back that will create an inviting atmosphere in your home decor.


9) Create a classic rug pattern

Classic area rugs are classic living room ideas that never go out of style. However, classic rugs have classic shapes and classic patterns as well. So, if you want a classic rug pattern, opt for classic flowers or classic stripes – either on a classic red background or a classic white background with black borders.


10) Classic porcelain vases and classic porcelain flower pots

Classic porcelain is timeless, and classic porcelain vases and classic porcelain flower pots are classic living room ideas that can’t go wrong. Opt for classic shapes such as classic cylinders or classic top-shaped designs, then combine them with classic flowers such as red roses or classic perennials.

Image: Emily A Clark


As a homeowner, if you want to adopt a classical style for your living room, the above-mentioned 10 true classic living room ideas will help you create classic, timeless spaces that never go out of style!

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